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I am going to make rather than buy a wind shield for my new stove. Thoughts welcome.

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Slubberdegullion Wed 15-Jun-11 09:20:20

To go round the new bivouac stove. None of the shields you can buy are tall enough.

So it needs to be fire proof (so metal) and reflect the heat (so shiny metal) but bendy, or foldable so I can store it flat in the boot. Plus I need to be able to anchor it into the ground somehow so it doesn't blow over, maybe with pegs? Dunno. And should I attach some sort of handle or pullers so I can move it without burning my fingers.

mmm pullers are optional.

Anyone created such a thing or any have good ideas?

jamaisjedors Wed 15-Jun-11 09:49:56

Long discussion in French but with some pics here

One for sale here - in the discussion above they talk about making one like this but out of titanium.

Could copy this one - looks fairly basic.

jamaisjedors Wed 15-Jun-11 09:50:14


jamaisjedors Wed 15-Jun-11 09:52:25

Another idea I have just read is a sheet of copper with two holes to put string in to make a handle and then rolled into a tube shape (so protects all around).

jamaisjedors Wed 15-Jun-11 09:54:53

like this

Apparantly you could also just build something out of cardboard and cover with kitchen foil.

That's it for me - must go and do some lovely marking procrastinator

Slubberdegullion Wed 15-Jun-11 10:24:34

Thank you so much jamais. Camping ideas in French! I love it.

Yes the last one was what I was thinking of trying. Will have to have a mosey around b&q to look for materials.

Slubberdegullion Wed 15-Jun-11 10:26:11

The folding sheet of aluminium looks great too. I wonder if I could cut some holes in the bottom (with a hole punch?) so I can put a peg through to attach it to the ground.

jamaisjedors Wed 15-Jun-11 10:29:31

[I'm not on here] apparantly titanium is stronger than aluminium and stands up better (not sure b&q do it though!!)

Slubberdegullion Wed 15-Jun-11 11:18:23

[not replying to jamais who isn't here]

cor titanium eh? is it bendy? I want bendy but stand upy.

you never know, b&q have all sorts of wonderful stuff

ReshapeWhileDamp Wed 15-Jun-11 12:27:06

Hmm. Wonder how long you'd be able to use a foldable sheet of aluminium or copper before the metal became too brittle along the fold lines and broke? every time you fold or bend most metals, it does something to 'work harden' the molecules (or allign them or something. Disclaimer: am not metallurgist, merely dated one for a few awful months and also dabble in jewellery-making) and eventually the metal becomes so brittle it'll just fracture. Mind you, at that price, you could probably live with it! grin

Slubber, I have no idea if this is of any use to you (and I suspect you want something much smaller and lighter), but I recently got something like this off freecycle. Except mine is ancient-er, comes in a huge heavy metal box (so won't be coming in the car with us) and is a bit more cumbersome. I was thinking of re-freecycling it or tipping it, because it's just too heavy really and also a bit knackered, BUT the windshields - there are two for some reason - are removable and on their own, not really heavy at all. And in ok condition. So if a three-sided metal 'wall' is of any use, feel free to say and I'll cannibalise it before taking the rest to the tip. smile

Slubberdegullion Wed 15-Jun-11 13:04:35

Thanks Reshape, for both the metallury knowledge (i'm sure you are right you know, that after a few folds the metal would just snap or fragment) and the offer of the wind shield.

How high are the sides? I need something over 40cm tall. And are the side panels hinged? Could I lay it down flat underneath all the stuff in the boot? Such a kind offer, thank you smile

ReshapeWhileDamp Wed 15-Jun-11 19:13:08

Just gone out to measure up, and sadly neither folding windshield is tall enough - one is about 24 cm high (this is the 'spare' - not sure how it slots into the unit TBH but it came with it) and the other (which I see is actually attached to the unit by hinges but they can be unpopped/unscrewed if it's being cannibalised) is 31 cm high. No use?

Yes, they are hinged so would fold entirely flat in the boot. smile

Slubberdegullion Wed 15-Jun-11 19:17:47

Oh thank you so much for measuring, that was very kind. Never mind, it was worth a shot.

ReshapeWhileDamp Wed 15-Jun-11 19:48:47


iheartdusty Wed 15-Jun-11 22:06:57

does it need to be fireproof? depends how close you have it I suppose. There won't be sparks from the bivouac.

I have in the past used a chair or a table lying on its side, the only problem with a chair is if the wind catches it.

<<eyes bivouac in its box in the hall, ordered after reading threads on here>>

Slubberdegullion Wed 15-Jun-11 22:14:32

oooh did you get one dusty?grin

There shouldn't be any sparks, but yes I want the wind shield to be fireproof so I can have it quite close to the burner, to keep the heat in.

iheartdusty Wed 15-Jun-11 22:23:16

yes, yes I was seduced by the way it all folds in! into the pot! with a little folding handle! and a whooshy great power surge! boils a litre in 3 mins 10 secs! grin

we did need a new stove tbh, but DH has banned me from buying anything else now that the icey-tek has also arrived grin grin

swanker Thu 16-Jun-11 00:12:47

Have you still not made that windshield yet?

We discussed this about 4 years ago... grin

swanker Thu 16-Jun-11 00:14:14

Remember- cut a polystyrene pizza base in 2 pieces, then cut 1 semi-circle into 4 pieces. Cover the whole with aluminium foil, stick tent page through the base to secure in the ground. Ta dah!

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