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eek!! speckles of mould on bedroom inner - advice please!!

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teej Tue 14-Jun-11 15:16:39

OK so we dug out the Outwell for the Isle of Wight Festival and pitched quite happily; but when I was setting up the sleepmats etc I noticed some mould stains on the bedroom inner shock
There were not a lot of mould stains (just rows of speckles here and there) and it did not smell, but even so it was a bit of a shocker as we had made sure the tent was dry before putting away last time.
When we came back home yesterday, we re-pitched the tent to ensure it was aired/dried and took out the inner, which I washed in the machine today on a gentle wash to try and freshen it up.
Now the inner is hanging out to dry, I know it's clean but the little mould speckles are still there.
My question is - does this mean the mould is gone but just the stain remains, or is the tent basically knackered??

IloveJudgeJudy Tue 14-Jun-11 18:48:30

You can use Milton. I have used it, it did fade the spots, but didn't get rid of them completely. I have heard from others that they used Cillit Bang Mould, but I think that's pretty strong and you just have to be careful.

Tent isn't knackered, just try a bit harder with the spots and if they don't move next time, just live with it.

teej Wed 15-Jun-11 10:59:24

thanks judgejudy - i don't mind it looking rubbish i just don't want it to be a health hazard!!

chipmonkey Wed 15-Jun-11 13:05:52

Sunlight is also great for getting rid of mould spots so if you get a nice bright day, hang the inner out on the line again. This and milton got rid of the mould spots on my breastpump bag which couldn't be machine washed.

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