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Are Bongo campervans as good as I think they are?

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boopbedo Sat 11-Jun-11 07:42:24

I've become obsessed with Bongo campervans in the last few months and have persuaded DH that we're going to sell his car by the beginning of next year and buy a Bongo to replace it. I have romantic visions off heading off to Wales and France with our two DCs of 3 and 5 for our holidays for the next ten years. Are there any MNer's that have them and would you recommend them? I know they are small and the affordability of them on ebay has fueled my dreams as I know it is possible.

Wondering if it would be practical for a week long holiday even with a drive away awning? Used to mobile homes on Eurocamp sites in the past and loved them but not paying £1000 for one in school holidays. Going to rent one for last week of August to give me an idea. If any one wanted to make some extra money renting their's out, I'd be very keen!

PrinceHumperdink Sat 11-Jun-11 10:36:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Funtimewincies Sun 12-Jun-11 18:23:00

My next door neighbour is selling hers (north wales/cheshire border) if you're interested. It's got a table and everything grin!

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