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Outwell Indian Lake - is it as fabulous as it looks?

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Poppyjen Tue 07-Jun-11 09:18:20

DH and I fell in love with this when doing research for the purchase of our first "family" tent. We have DS who is 15 months, and hope to have another soon. For anyone out there who has one, I would be so grateful if you would let me know what it is like in reality (in my dreams all I see is DH chasing DS around playing cowboys and indians....) smile

In particular, is there enough space to be comfortable inside on a rainy day? Is there enough space to cook etc inside?

How much of a problem would it be stopping various members of my family wandering about with the "sorting hat" on their head when we are trying to put the thing up? wink

Ideally would like to see one pitched but can't seem to find one near us (Kent)


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