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Waterproofing tent

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Suiziespiders Mon 06-Jun-11 20:55:24

I've just bought a Hi gear mojove 5 tent, used for the 1st time this weekend. Great space love it but it rained solidly for 12hrs last day & porch area got very wet inside when wind caught tent the rain came through as it's only a 3000 I figure that's why. Can anyone tell me what waterproofer I can put on as I don't want to part with tent ?????

monstamum Mon 06-Jun-11 21:18:30

Hello Suiziespiders
We have used this stuff on our tent called Grangers Fabsil, you apply it to the tent and it seals it up, stopping any leaks, and really strangly it also stops condensation too (although I don't get why). We looked a bit wierd when we arrived at the campsite, put up the tent and then started painting it, the other campers were very interested!
I think you can get it in spray form too?
anyhow it might help your problem

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