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What are you 'treating' yourself to, for camping this year?

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Wolfgirl Mon 06-Jun-11 17:18:57

My extra little buys are:

new LED lantern (big one); luxury inflatable mat; snuggly warm sleeping bag; Kampa Karze toilet

Will be getting as well: x2 single air beds, x2 self inflating mats, a carpet for the tent (not got one, and I think it is beyond essential ... what else! Mmmm.... I'm sure there just has to be more.

Oh, and I want a combi cooler, one that hooks up to same gas cylinder as the stove thingy.

Mollymax Mon 06-Jun-11 17:30:33

Sounds like you will need a trailer to fit that all in. smile
We stopped tentind and bought a motor home a few years ago, we used to take so much stuff. Still do, but it is contained.
Have fun, happy camping.

Lovecat Mon 06-Jun-11 18:32:43

I'm lusting after moon chairs. We have the bog standard foldable camping chairs, they're fine and will do us, but I really fancy the moon ones, they look so comfy!

I found a faux brown leather collapsible longish (1.2m) ottoman (I didn't know they existed either) in one of our local toot shops yesterday and because it was the last one and not in a box I bargained them down to half price, so that's going to be storage for clothes and a handy table for the electric tea lights next time we go away.

Further on the glamping front, I have just spent out on 4 kingsize deep purple cotton throw/rug/bedspreads which I am going to sew together with a backing to make a carpet for my tent. Cheaper and lighter (and far prettier) than the jute circular thing that Soulpad sell and appears to be the only circular tent carpet out there! They will make a nice backdrop for my Union Jack rug and the existing indian cotton bedspreads I have to cover the airbeds with, which are in tonal shades of pink/blue/purple.

(DH is as yet unaware of this, I am going to have to do some secret sewing before presenting it to him as a fait accompli)

I also want bunting and pretty dangly things, having been inspired by other glampers. But I fear DH will never enter the tent again if I get them....

mackerel Mon 06-Jun-11 18:33:24

a little light that clips to my book

DontCallMeBaby Mon 06-Jun-11 19:38:14

After two trips with the cheapest camping gear known to man, we've decided we're going to make a go of it, so this year's treat is a Montana 6. grin

My snuggly treat is a flannel liner for my sleeping bag cos bloody HELL I was cold in a cheapo two-season bag at the beginning of halfterm ... frivolous glamping treat is a set of solar fairy lights which are currently hanging up in my garden, waiting for nightfall when they ARE going to light up, or I will have a tantrum.

Also after a decent coolbox - we borrowed my parents electric one last week, but I want to camp without EHU and I'm not convinced their conventional coolbox is very good (any more - I think it's 25 years old).

LoopyLoopsBettyBoops Mon 06-Jun-11 19:43:10

Oooh Lovecat what are you going to use as backing for your carpet?

Lovecat Mon 06-Jun-11 20:02:35

I'm contemplating this stuff, Loopy - unless I can find something better/more economical elsehwere. Someone mentioned on another thread about hessian dustsheets, but I've yet to find them out there...

Back to the shopping list - I want a blue Iceytek and a portable firepit (someone had one at the site we were at last week, was v. jealous) as well, but that'll have to wait - as will the Stobarts van I'll need to cart it all around in! smile

Wolfgirl Mon 06-Jun-11 20:06:28

ahhhhhh yes the solar lights. I had a longggggggg string of them last year, adorning front entrance\porch. We really were the 'BouuuuuKayyyyyys' of camping! They seem to have broken this year... so have to source some more! grin well done for reminding me!

Wolfgirl Mon 06-Jun-11 20:07:43

Lovecat you very clever and putting us to shame <<hangs head and wimpers pethetically>>

Wolfgirl Mon 06-Jun-11 20:07:58

cant even spell the word now!

Lovecat Mon 06-Jun-11 20:22:30


Wait and see what it looks like before you say I'm clever.... [cack-handed smiley]

bilblio Mon 06-Jun-11 21:04:27

Tesco's do some solar fairy lights. I got them half price, supposedly for the garden, but I haven't put them up yet so they may end up being trialled on the tent. I don't do glamping though, I like the idea, but not the faff. I like to get the tent up, get my chair out and sit and look at the view.

This year I need a cool box, and after the other thread it's likely to be a 25L red iceytec.

I bought a cute little lamp from Alpkit last year too which broke within 2 days, they said to return it, but I forgot and I've just found it again so I may see if they'll still swap it. It was excellent... lit up our loft brilliantly.... while it worked

JetLi Mon 06-Jun-11 21:11:36

New air bed. Old one has a leak. Its a slow leak but its bloody purgatory.

bilblio Mon 06-Jun-11 21:20:05

Oh and maybe roof bars, we have box... we should manage without this year while it's still just the 3 of us and a bump.

zanz1bar Mon 06-Jun-11 21:31:09

A kitchen stand thing with the metal surround so the gas doesn't blow out, ESP after the tent fire thread no more cooking inside.
A table and separate chairs, found the chair/table combo really annoying and unstable if the bigger adults stood up, kids and food went flying.
And a bigger tent.

Allegrogirl Mon 06-Jun-11 21:35:10

We've just managed our first tester night away with DDs 3.6 and 9 months. Been too chicken up until. So our big buy of the year was our 6 berth Outwell. First tent I've owned that we can stand up in.

We now have a shopping list which includes new airbed for us, ours is about 14 years old, a coolbox as one little cool bag isn't going to work for 4 of us, carpet and footprint for the tent. I'm liking the idea of fairy lights but DH won't approve. He's just getting his head around the idea of a big tent and child related kit. He misses the dinky tent and trangia days.

I'm very excited about getting back to camping after a 4 year break and if I'm not careful this could be an expensive summer.

MisSalLaneous Mon 06-Jun-11 21:36:29

I've just bought something big, so this might just be the year where I buy nothing else. No siree, not me except if I have a weak moment.

fearnelinen Mon 06-Jun-11 21:37:19

For all those with heavy carpets on the tent - do you take a carpet sweeper? I can imagine after a few days it gets a bit bitty?

fearnelinen Mon 06-Jun-11 21:41:39

Be warned, bunting flaps in the wind! DH was out with a penknife in force 10 gales last year, cutting the bunting off as it was slapping against the tent! If anyone had seen him, he'd have been arrested! He looked like a mad campsite murderer!

DontCallMeBaby Mon 06-Jun-11 22:48:09

Whoohoo, fairy lights are lit! I wish I'd got a longer string now, but the last set I had didn't work at all, so didn't want to risk it.

DH doesn't know they're intended for the tent ... he probably won't mind, he's not a purist camper. I'm more the purist, though I like my kit - I'd rather go without EHU, and am happy with my radio, while he doesn't think there's anything intrinsically wrong with television in a tent (note - we don't have one and we will NOT be getting one).

Do I want an IceyTek? Are they so much better than the (cheaper, but still not cheap) Coleman Xtreme? Or am I being lured in by the shiny pretty? Again.

jamaisjedors Tue 07-Jun-11 09:49:13

I think I want an iceytek but I'm not convinced because I think we probably want a cooler which can hold drinks (1.5l) upright.

bigTillyMint Tue 07-Jun-11 10:03:56

mackerel Grandma bought the DC those clip-on lights - think I might just "borrow" one when we go!

Have just ordered 2 adult-size 3-season sleeping bags for the DC as they are too big for their child-size ones sad, but will try and sell them on as they are in v good shape.

Have got some new solar fairy lights to try out and we bought a new table i the sale last year, so will be trying that out too.

I also need some new powerful torches - any one got any recommendations?

bigTillyMint Tue 07-Jun-11 10:05:15

And I nearly forgot that I am planning to up-date my pans this year, but haven't decided whether to get the Coleman camping set or another cheapie supermarket set.

SixtyFootDoll Tue 07-Jun-11 10:56:28

New sleeping bags, an inflatable sofa and fairy light, oh and a new 'cupboard'.
Aldi are doing cupboards and other camping gear this thurs. Had a bargain electric toolbox from there on sunday too.

jamaisjedors Tue 07-Jun-11 10:59:36

YOu could sell them to me bigTillymint... but the postage to France might be prohibitive.

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