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What table/chairs?

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silverfrog Sun 05-Jun-11 21:29:52

We occasionally camp - mostly for festivals like Camp Bestival etc.

we usually go glamping blush, so all set up, nice comfy/cosy yurt or whatever.

we have a Cobb (yay! grin) as girls are multiple allergic, but lack anywhere to eat comfortably.

so, what table/chairs would you recommned?

need ot pack up nicely, be sturdy (dd1 is ASD, likely to pace about, so no lightweight aluminium stuff that will collapse if she so much as looks at it!), and pefer separate table/chairs if possible, so that we can use the chairs other than at mealtimes.

many thanks smile

Honeydragon Sun 05-Jun-11 21:48:01

how much space do you have in your car? We bought a heavy duty plastic trestle table from costo, never intended it for camping but it is brilliant. Goes totally flat and we either lie it flat in the boot and chuck everything on top, or slide it side on with a seat down.

We like it for when we "glamp" at trade shows, and by glamping I mean a very bemused indian takeaway delivery guy pulling up to a field in the middle of nowhere to see said table fully laid out with cloth and knives and forks, and us supping wine waiting for dinner grin

silverfrog Sun 05-Jun-11 22:04:23

car has quite a bit of space - Mercedes Viano thoug, so boot space not hugely usable - tall, but thin space...

had thought about a large pasting table or similar, but would be a bugger to get from car to yurt/podpad/whatever we have hired...

what we really want is Holy Grail of sturdy, folds small, lightweight to carry - not going to happen is it?

I like you style with the tablecloths grin

some of the best experiences we had when we lived in Africa were "bush breakfasts" - the safari hotel/camp would set up a full breakfast out in the bush, so we went off for a game drive, then turned up at random location to full-on hotel syle breakfast, with fresh cooked pancakes/sausages/full breakfast. was ace grin

Honeydragon Sun 05-Jun-11 22:32:11

glamping rocks wink

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