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Pop up tents? Or tents that can be pitched easily ...

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wudu Sat 04-Jun-11 23:29:23

...with one adult and one possibly under-enthusiastic 11yo and one certainly over-enthusiastic 8yo?

Has anyone got one?

Do you recommend it?

I've been looking at the quechua seconds family 4.2 ...any thoughts?

brambleschooks Sat 04-Jun-11 23:38:38

I have just had a fab couple of nights fair weather camping in my Quechua 4 man 2seconds xl. Up in about ten mins all pitched and down and in bag within five. It made light work of it all. I did have my two (14 and 11) to help, but could have done it alone.


Don't forget the mallet blush

wudu Sun 05-Jun-11 00:01:19

Ooh that's just what I wanted to hear!

We've got a large 6 man tent for longer/family trips, but I can't pitch it with the dc alone.

What I want is a fair-weather tent where I can look at the forecast, pack the sleeping bags, stick the children in the car and just go!

Where did you buy it btw? ...and if you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for it?

MavisEnderby Sun 05-Jun-11 00:02:53

Decatholon tents

IloveJudgeJudy Sun 05-Jun-11 14:24:53

Second the Decathlon tents. We don't have one, but friends do and they camped with 2x adults and 2x teenaged children for one weekend. I unfortunately didn't see it go up, but was assured by DH and DC and all others on that weekend that it was unbelievably quick, but did see it go down and that was unbelievably quick, too. I'd love to have one, but not allowed as not practical (5 in family) and we have a folding camper, anyway so would have to buy loads of other stuff, too.

Wiggletastic Sun 05-Jun-11 14:31:00

We have the Quechua Base Seconds 4.2 from Decathlon and I can pitch it on my own in 10 mins and down in the same time. It is fab and has changed our camping life. Our big tent is great for longer trips but takes about 40 mins to pitch - not good for a weekend trip. The other advantage of the Quechua is if you have to put it away in the rain it is quick and easy to put up and down in the garden at home to dry (as I did this week after a bit of a soggy weekend!) You need to watch the videos on the website to get the idea of how to pitch but once you have done it its super easy. Highly recommended.

brambleschooks Sun 05-Jun-11 14:34:48

I got my 4man xl 2seconds one on amazon.

wudu Sun 05-Jun-11 21:58:48

Great. Thanks all smile

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