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Keycamp/Canvas/Eurocamp, etc - are the mobile homes very hot?

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Ceolas Sat 04-Jun-11 08:08:28

We have the chance to go to France (Berny Riviere) beginning of July. We had a very hot week under canvas in 2005 in Lake Garda (35C) and vowed never again to this type of holiday.

I know it's not comparing like with like but wanted some opinions on the mobile home option. Air con not an option but we would have a fan. DH is concerned about cooking in the event of a heat wave! grin

BlameItOnTheBogey Sat 04-Jun-11 08:10:19

No they are not. I've worked for two out of three of these companies and also thought before doing so that surely a mobile home is a tin can and you would just roast in the heat. But they are well designed to stay cool and I found being cold was more of an issue than being too hot.

Decorhate Sat 04-Jun-11 08:27:42

Have only ever gone to places that cool down at night. Is Berny the one near Paris - should be ok then? You could have bbqs to avoid cooking indoors.

MmeBlueberry Sat 04-Jun-11 08:35:03

You are more likely to be cold at night.

If it is hot, you don't tend to stay in your mobile home. You really only have to be there for sleeping.

Ceolas Sat 04-Jun-11 08:35:48

Thanks folks. Yes it's about an hour from Paris I believe.

GnomeDePlume Sat 04-Jun-11 11:08:19

We are in Dordogne right now (I have 30 mins to spend on the internet so here I am on MN!). Temperatures are quite high (mid late 20s) but we are finding it a little chill first thing in the morning.

During the day we open all the windows/doors and get a really pleasant breeze through.

One thing - the gas ovens tend to be a bit under-powered so dont expect to do a full roast! The hob is fine though.

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