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First time camper + 11 week old baby, give me your tips please!

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knittakid Wed 01-Jun-11 19:34:25

I've never been camping, dh has but ages ago. We have borrowed most things, got two sleeping bags, air mattress, 4 people tent, tangier thing, car, two chairs, plates etc. duvets, pillows and blankets; we are going two nights to a festival, what else would you take? how would you put baby to sleep? (we normally bedshare).

Doormouse Wed 01-Jun-11 21:28:24

Hi, we took DS and DD camping at around that age, and it was great. One really useful bit of kit was a sling to lug them around in (and get them to sleep with). I don't think that bedsharing is recommended on an air mattress as they're just too soft - any chance you could buy or borrow some self inflating mats as well, then one of you could sleep with baby and keep things 'as usual' for him/her? I think asda have some on offer for £12.99 at the mo. Fleece blankets are great for putting under/over beds for extra insulation and don't weigh much. Hope you have fun and enjoy it all!

knittakid Tue 07-Jun-11 14:11:43

thanks Doormouse, we got one of those mats, dh slept on it and me and ds on the mattress, it was incredibly saggy and I barely slept keeping an eye on him. He totally loved it all! thanks again.

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