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Trying 2 litre bottle of frozen water in cool bag idea tomorrow

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poppyboo Wed 01-Jun-11 12:18:52

We're going off in our bell tent tomorrow for three nights and we can't wait! This time I have frozen large bottle of water in place of icepack to see if that keeps stuff really cool rather then icepacks. There will also be two pints of frozen milk and frozen 'Frubes' yogurts for the children and frozen hot dog rolls (!) ready for quorn sausages,onion and ketchup meal! Everything else will be going in really cold from fridge. Anyone else got any tips for keeping food fresh/cool while you're away?

NorthernerAtHeart Wed 01-Jun-11 17:08:31

I reckon you should be more than fine with that. Last weekend for 3 nights, I had a 4pt bottle of frozen milk, 6 ice blocks (tiny ones) and everything else from the fridge. Had to take the frozen milk out on the 3rd evening so that we didn't have to have chunks of ice on our cereal for the last morning.

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