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Anyone got a 3 bedroomed tent they really love?

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musicposy Wed 01-Jun-11 00:26:27

and if so, what make and model is it?

We have 2 tents. First is a Wynnster Mallard 5. I love it. pic here It's a tunnel tent with 2 bedrooms at one end. It's easy to pitch, lightweight, spacious, and has lasted us through nearly 10 years of camping. However, with our girls (15 and nearly 12) having to share a fairly tight bedroom, they moan like mad whenever we take it.

Because of this, a few years back we bought this 9 person dome tent. It's lovely when it's up and the girls adore it. However... It's huge and I defy any less than 4 tall strong people to actually get it pitched. I have to walk away and leave it to DH to rope in some unsuspecting victims because I get so stressed. Plus, we've sometimes ended up paying double pitch fees. Plus, it takes up so much space in the car that we have to travel virtually naked, and it weighs a whopping 35+ kg.

Ideally I need something more like our smaller tent, but with 3 bedrooms so the girls don't kill each other during the holiday. I much prefer the tunnel design as the dome is such a pain to pitch.

Anyone got anything they can recommend?

bigTillyMint Wed 01-Jun-11 07:13:13

Try this it's 4 double bedrooms, so we use one to dump all the crap in. Massive middle space with tent carpet - heaven!

JemimaMop Wed 01-Jun-11 17:08:16

How about this? It sleeps 8, with 3 bedrooms (2 x double and 1 that sleeps 4 which can be divided into 2 to make it a 4 bedroom). We have the 6 man version which has 2 bedrooms and is really spacious, especially if you get the porch as well. We have 3 DC who are still young enough not to mind sharing and there is plenty of space for us.

Happylander Wed 01-Jun-11 19:21:07

We have just bought a Kampa Studland it as it has three compartments, separate one at front so good for another couple/older kids and one that also has zip so can be made into huge area, and another separate one. I just love it. I would do a link but I'm rubbish, sorry!

thisisyesterday Sun 05-Jun-11 00:09:05

we have a gelert horizon 8, which has 4 bedrooms, tho one is big with a divider down the middle, so can be used as one giant room. the other 2 are completely separate and are more than big enough to take a double airbed

it's lovely. i put most of it up by myself on our recent trip.
if you need a smaller one the horizon 6 should do you fine

lucykate Sun 05-Jun-11 00:20:34

we have an outwell harford xl which has 3 bedrooms. me & dh can pitch it in about half an hour.

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