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Bell tents and camping for longer times questions

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TheHumanCatapult Tue 31-May-11 19:53:21

Am thinking about buying one as they seem the most suitable for wheelchair users .Probably wont be using to next year just becuase of the cost of buying one .I have noticed that they do one with inbuilt groundsheet that seems to unzip at the door .

Is there anywhere I can see one up so I can have a dam good nosey .Am thinking the bigger one just be cuas ethere be me and least 3 dc maybe 4 .Do they fit on a normal pitch or do i need jumbo pitch ?

Also have people stayed on campsites for 2-3 weeks as would need someone to help put up and then come back at end to take down so would prefer a longer break in the summer ,

missmakesstuff Tue 31-May-11 21:06:36

We have one, took it to france for two weeks last year, it was great. We had a kitchen, double bed, dd's little single airbed, several boxes and an assortment of other crap and we still had loads of room, ours is a 5mtr one. I thought we would have trouble finding pitches, but no one blinked an eye, apparently they can be smaller, footprint wise, than other family tents.

Very spacious inside, you could even pack up/stack up beds during the day to give more room I guess.

We used to sit in ours in the evenings when it rained, cooked in it too during proper downpours, it was fine, althought the can feel a bit cluttered, as there aren't the separate rooms for the stuff you bring - which meant I had to do a bit of tidying everyday, before we rolled up the sides and lounged around - nowhere to stash dirty laundry! But a few of those pop up laundry baskets, plus two useful boxes we used as tables solved that.

They are lovely! As for where you could see one, not sure, ask on here if anyone is pitching one near you?

missmakesstuff Tue 31-May-11 21:10:42

Oh, the only thing with pitching/taking down is the weather, has to be dry when you pack it away, which could be a pain if someone coming to do it for you, although they are very quick to put up, no hassle at all. Taking down pretty quick too, unless the person doing it is like my DH and insists on brushing it for about an hour to get every little speck off and then spend another hour elaborately folding it.

It's ok though, I'm not allowed to help so have to sit around drinking wine tea.

TheHumanCatapult Wed 01-Jun-11 06:38:42

thank you .It is the fact that it is one room that I am liking space wise as will need a double height airbed in it

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