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Getting a bit worried...

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Funtimewincies Sun 29-May-11 17:59:00

...about my 2 ds (4 and 18 months) waking everyone else up at stupid o'clock sad.

This weekend will be the first time that we've camped with children and I'm beginning to get a bit paranoid now. We've just been to a wedding and stayed in a family room at a hotel. Ds2 woke at 5.30am, spotted his older brother and that was it. Even when he's in a good mood, has toys and/or a dummy, he chats away at the top of his voice. Ds1 will stay in bed and be mostly quiet until his portable nightlight goes green but I've realised that we've no way of keeping ds2 quiet.

Any tips gratefully received confused!

jade80 Sun 29-May-11 18:01:39

A gag? Or offer earplugs round the other tents the evening before?!

Have a nice time though, I'm sure you'll be fine!

Funtimewincies Sun 29-May-11 18:45:53

Thanks smile.

I was wondering, though, what other people with young children do? Will people in the other tents just be used to it or will I be expected to hide them in the loo until a more decent hour grin?

jade80 Sun 29-May-11 18:49:36

Ok, sorry lol! I would say put to bed a little later than usual in the hope he will sleep in a little later. Can you find something to fling over the tent to make it darker in the morning? Put your tent in the furthest corner, explain to the site and ask for the most suitable pitch? Get up and off the campsite asap, maybe for an early morning walk, when he does wake, then come back later when other people wake up? If it's a family oriente campsite I'm sure there will be others with the same issue.

Funtimewincies Sun 29-May-11 18:55:18

Mmm, you're right, I can see bracing walks in the early morning drizzle sunshine being the order of things grin. We're going to to try keeping him up, so fingers crossed. Maybe if I have lots of wine, I won't hear him either wink.

zandy Sun 29-May-11 18:57:24

Don't worry about it, if they wake early, then that's fine. The other campers will just have to put up with it, the same way you'll have to put up with their late night shenanigans.

You'll have a great time.

Funtimewincies Sun 29-May-11 19:06:34

That's a good way of looking at it zandy. I might be feeling a little less sympathetic when we've been kept awake by drunken singing grin!

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