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recommendations please for............

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AuntieMonica Sun 29-May-11 08:58:15

simple but clean campsite, anywhere between Suffolk, South Coast and Midlands <hopeful>

want to arrange a family meet-up, youngest child will be 4yrs old, oldest will be 12 yrs, and a friendly dog.

all we require is hot water/ showers and a flushing toilet please smile in fact we are keen to avoid club houses etc


hpsaucy Sun 29-May-11 11:18:32

Fens Farm West Mersea

AuntieMonica Sun 29-May-11 18:34:32

thanks - have forwarded an enquiry

any other favourites please, anyone?

SwearyMary Sun 29-May-11 19:51:32

Ohhhh! I shall have to watch this thread.....

Anyone else have any recommendations?

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