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Norden Farm or Tom's Field campsite in Dorset?

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papillonrouge Sat 28-May-11 14:37:29

Going for ten days in early June, think we've narrowed it down to these two campsites, neither seems to need bookings at this time of year. Any of you any experience of either with any comments?

We are me, DH and DS 11mo.

vickster11 Sat 28-May-11 16:48:11

I like the look of Norden farm with the kids park and animals. The plus side is they have a family room and dont charge for hot water.

Tom's field you have to pay by tokens when you use the loo and showers. Which will be annoying if you really need to do a number 2 and you run out of tokens. The website wasnt as good info wise on facilities.

NatChrisBump Mon 30-May-11 10:19:12

About 20 of us stayed at Toms Field last June and had a really lovely relaxing time. You don't need tokens to use the toilet!!! The showers took 20p so do take a few with you, but they do last long enough for a good wash down! You might also need to be a member of the Caravan and Camping Club to stay in Toms field (phone and check before hand as it depends on the time of year).

There are some lovely walks and good kid friendly pubs in the area (especially in Langton Matravers there are two within walking distance of the campsite).

The owners of Toms Field are really lovely and very helpful, we recommended some friends and received a voucher off our next stay. They will also charge per size of tent, not how many people are in it.

Have a good stay in a very beautiful area of the Country.

(I've not stayed at Norden Farm so can't comment, maybe you could do a few days at each?).

NatChrisBump Mon 30-May-11 10:44:37

Ooooo I stand corrected! It's 25p a token for a 3 min shower!! Inflation!! smile

(We're going back at the end of July, so will take some extra pennies!!)

Glitterknickaz Mon 30-May-11 13:21:46

I've been to Nordern, and it's lovely.
Be prepared though it's a working farm with all relevant smells as you pass through (but that doesn't extend to the pitches!)

Beautiful scenery, adequate facilities and a good base to explore Purbeck.

JIRkids Mon 30-May-11 22:59:19

Haved stayed in both.

Stayed at Norden when it was quite quiet. Nice walks in the hills around the back of the site. Shop that sells basics. good showers etc, I kept using bath in family bathroom to warm up as it was so cold when we stayed!! Kids liked little farm and playground though playground quite old and basic.

Tom's field was lovely and very pretty looking. You could walk into Langton Matravers for pubs and along some lovely coastal paths that take you to the dancing ledge. Site was a bit cramped in (however, we visited at busier time). Seemed a bit fashionable there- lots of young attractive people down from London for weekend kind of thing!!!

So overall both good but different. Tom's field good for location if you want to be able to walk to places. Norden farm a bit more space and good bathrooms.

AlsoAvailableSober Mon 30-May-11 23:00:57

We had a lovely time at Tom's Field. We were in the lower field which i think i would prefer to the top field if we went again

papillonrouge Tue 31-May-11 10:43:41

thanks for all the responses - sounds like we can't go too far wrong but reckon we're leaning towards Norden as the facilities do seem better and for a long family camping trip we may appreciate them! Looking like good weather so far too, am very excited about spending time by the sea.

Spudulika Tue 31-May-11 11:50:45

Just come back from Tom's Field in the New Forest (note - not the Tom's Field in Dorset!).

Brilliant campsite - very child friendly, lovely setting. And you can book!

Would strongly recommend!


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