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Sleeping options - Camping newbie - mat, airbed, futon, campbed?

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HonestyBox Fri 27-May-11 13:28:25

I'm sure this is done to death and I have looked back through some threads for ideas but I am a newbie to this and need your info. These are my thought so far:

I remember borrowing an airbed that somehow inflated itself - that seemed fairly okay but not sure what it was.

Also remember sleeping on a 'li-lo' as a child and waking up with my bum on the ground - awful and also freezing cold.

Don't think self-inflating mats are an option as too expensive but I'm caught in a double-bind as I hate spending on crap equipment that ends up being chucked out; at the same time I'm new to camping so don't want to spend loads before I know it is a long-term thing. So should we just stuff the futon in the car (space permitting)?

Oh - I want something double btw. What does anyone think of old fashioned foam mats?

Hope you can help.

MisSalLaneous Fri 27-May-11 13:39:34

How much is "too expensive" - what is your budget? Might help to search for options if you have a rough idea.

I'd give up a lot of other things for a good night's sleep. Avoid airbeds - they're cold, unless you put extra insulation between that and the ground.

Also, don't write off singles if you're going down the self-inflating route. Singles easier to pack, and we put ours next to each other and then a double fitted sheet over both to make a double.

outdooradventurer Fri 27-May-11 13:47:16

I agree with MisSalLaneous, single airbeds are better as easier to pack in the car.
They can be a little bit sweaty, so it is best to have a fleecy blanket either between the bed and the sleeping bag or bed and fitted sheet. This also provides a bit more insulation on the cold nights. Material ones are better than plastic.

Get a air pump that runs from the car... or be ready with the inhaler!

HonestyBox Fri 27-May-11 13:57:30

Wasn't sure of my budget really - I've just spent 150 on the tent so don't really want to spend more than another 50 really. Probably a bit unrealistic considering we don't have a stove or a coolbox either yet but hey-ho.

MisSalLaneous Fri 27-May-11 14:11:15

Hmm, tough one, as £50 isn't enough really (sorry!) Any chance you could borrow from friends until you know whether you want to camp, and then possibly increase the budget a bit?

Ebay might be a good option if budget not flexible, as a lot of people buy the whole shebang and then realise it's not for them.

MisSalLaneous Fri 27-May-11 14:13:01

I seem to remember reading here during the last couple of weeks of Lidl or somewhere cheap having decent enough self inflatables for good prices. It'll never be a Thermarest / Dozer, but probably ideal if wanting to spend less.

whitechocolatebuttons Fri 27-May-11 14:28:05

tesco airbeds are good and cheap. flocked on one side so not too sweaty. we've been using one for friends/family visits since last year and its withstood lots of festivals and camping trips too. With a footpump our double airbed is inflated in 300 jumps.grin

MisSalLaneous Fri 27-May-11 14:43:40

An example of equipment that are sold in near-new condition on Ebay. There will be similar, and that might be a better idea for start-up equipment? In retrospect, I really wish we didn't buy some of the "essential" start-up equipment, as once we decided we loved it, we knew what we wanted better so ended up spending more money on top.

HonestyBox Fri 27-May-11 14:57:29

Thanks for the info. MisSal - that is what I'm afraid of - spending too much and then not using it or not spending enough and ending up with low-quality. I will have a look in Lidl and Aldi as both are nearby. I'm thinking of getting an aerobed as I think it might be the one I borrowed before this one. Will also have a look in the supermarkets - hadn't thought of that.

I've ordered my tent, it is this one. Got it for a bit less than that price. Quite excited.

MisSalLaneous Fri 27-May-11 15:19:27

Nice looking tent, HonestyBox!

YellowDinosaur Fri 27-May-11 20:26:34

This won't help if you are insistent on wanting something double but dh and I bought camp beds last year after horrendous experiences with a deflating double air bed and camp mats. Have never tried the self inflating ones everyone on here raves about though...

The camp beds were only about £20-25 each but you need to try them as a lot on Amazon have bad reviews for comfort. Ours were bought from a ocal camping shop and are super comfy. If you put them next to each other they would be almost a double I guess. Plus if you end up not liking camping they will be great for visiting friends to sleep on

vickster11 Sat 28-May-11 16:56:52

I do recommend the tescos single airbeds we got three. You will need to buy the pump, it does reverse to empty the air out and they fold down small, but not small enough to put back in the original box.

For a cheaper budget we used our tescos vouchers when they did the exchange deal. We changed £50 into £100 and used it on their own brand of camping gear saved abit of money. I think the exchange has finished but the prices have gone down alot. Ebay is also a good place for cheap gear.

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