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Nice site near Rye / Camber?

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Blu Fri 27-May-11 12:22:22

By nice I mean fairly natural, campfires allowed, flexibility to pitch tents in groups rather than rows etc

Or anywhere else within 2 hours of S London?

For a few weekends time.

Thank you!

QueenCrystal Fri 27-May-11 18:51:44

hi we're off there this weekend. have booked at dogwood cottage so will report back. also spoke to a nice man at 'freshwinds camping' - they have tipis and yurts but you can also take your own tent. they were full but it sounds lovely - although basically a field and a tap by the sounds of it! might try it out later in the summer. think its between rye and hastings.

2fedup Mon 30-May-11 19:44:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

needanewname Mon 30-May-11 21:51:33

Ooh watching this as I want to go somewhere near there next year!

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