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Best Family sized camping table? oh, and any recommended chairs?

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jen992 Wed 20-Apr-11 20:16:58

well, it's that time of year again (lighter nights, warmer days... camping season!!) and we're building up our camping equipment.

We're looking for a family sized table (to seat at least 5).

Also we need some chairs (adult)... what does everyone recommend?


PrinceHumperdink Thu 21-Apr-11 10:42:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IloveJudgeJudy Thu 21-Apr-11 14:29:22

If you're just starting off and don't want to spend much, then I agree with Humperdink about the tables with chairs (£29.99 in Tesco or Argos, but you might get them cheaper at go outdoors or any other camping shop) with another stool/chair at the end. YOu might just have a folding chair/bucket chair at home to take with you.

Adult chairs - bucket chairs, but you have to try them out to find the best ones for you, or some Lafuma-type ones. there are various different ones, but they take up more room than the bucket ones. I find them more comfortable, though.

greenlotus Sat 23-Apr-11 19:25:14

We go for a low level table and those folding armchairs, rather than taking a full separate set of chairs/stools for eating meals. Some tables seem to be too high when you are sitting in an armchair. IMO you don't need as big a table as you would at home, as long as there's space to put plates down.

eg here

Ceolas Sat 23-Apr-11 22:07:53

Offer in Tesco at the moment. There was also an aluminium one with separate stools for about £35-40 when I was in tonight.

Sinkingfeeling Sun 07-Aug-11 18:38:16

Bumping an old thread - we're also looking for a camping table for a family of five, but would prefer a lower level one without attached seats as we already have camping chairs. I can't see us sitting around a table eating as we would at home, so want a table we can use almost coffee-table style, for putting plates and mugs down on. Any ideas/recommendations?

Lilyloo Sun 07-Aug-11 18:42:47

We have this one from Tesco. One of our best buys , has lasted us 4 years up to now. The table adjusts to 2 heights so we use it as a small table in the tent for kids drawing on etc.
Then we take it outside when weather nice and at full height it's fine with camping chairs. Folds down really small and stools pack away inside table. Dp uses stools when he is sat cooking too.

Lilyloo Sun 07-Aug-11 18:45:22

Kids don't actually take camping chairs anymore as they prefer the little stools.

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