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Reviews of venue holiday company please?

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letsgetloud Tue 18-Jan-11 13:54:54

Hi there,

We are just about to book with venue holidays for La Croix du Vieux Pont outside Paris.

Has anyone used the above company and if so, what did you think of them. They are hundreds of pounds cheaper than keycamp etc. so I am wondering what the catch is?

We are going for 11 days towards the end of June and the price including ferry crossing for a mobile home for 6 of us is £600.

Any views greatly welcome. Thanks.

letsgetloud Tue 18-Jan-11 14:11:00

Just priced with keycamp and their price for exact same dates, nights and caravan type is £955. So £355 cheaper.

I am hoping that the only difference is that keycamp do kids clubs whereas Venue don't. That price difference is huge though hmm

letsgetloud Sun 23-Jan-11 00:10:48

Oh well. Paid with a credit card now so if they go bust hoping should get money back. Also, found out they have been in business for 24 years so think should be ok.

Just hoping caravan is ok and not a rust bucket!!

wufti Wed 26-Jan-11 12:54:26

I've just booked with Venue for the first 9 days in June in South Brittany, so I also hope they are ok. We have booked their largest mobile home on that site and they tell me that it is new this year, so here's hoping it will be fine. Can go mid week which makes the travel much cheaper than some other companies.

bikermich Mon 22-Aug-11 16:49:54

HI. I'm thinking of booking with Venue. Has anyone got any feedback about them yet. I want to go to Spain and they are £500 cheaper than Keycamp to the same site? Thanks

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