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Family friendly camping in Italy

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Maybee Sat 15-Jan-11 22:00:03

I'd love to take my 3 boys camping to Italy this summer. They are 7, 3 and youngest will be almost 2 by then. I'm single and would need to opt for pre erected tents and would like to have as little hassle as possible. Tips anyone? My budget is quite lean.

2to3 Sat 15-Jan-11 22:18:22

This campsite: is fab and has bungalows or caracans you could rent. Clean and friendly, we've had two amazing hols there with small kids. Ryanair fly there so doing it cheaply is possible.

2to3 Sat 15-Jan-11 22:21:09

That would be caravans...

Maybee Sat 15-Jan-11 22:28:06

It looks lovely and authentic. Did your kids find plenty to do and other kids to play with? Are the bungalows/caravans air conditioned? It doesn't say so on site.

Maybee Sun 16-Jan-11 21:38:10

I checked flights though and it is expensive and complicted for us to get to Sardinia so i will put that idea on hold until they are a bit bigger.
I'm thinking brittany is probably our best option.

ChickFlit Sun 16-Jan-11 21:46:24

I went to this one in Brittany in the summer it was lovely. The DC's had lots of freedom to run around, nice pool, lovely area etc. We took our own tent but they had mobile homes you could hire, I'm not sure what they were like though. Looked fine from the outside.

SharonGless Sun 16-Jan-11 21:56:22

Hi we flew to Venice with Jet2 which was pretty cheap for 4 seats and stayed here here
I know that if you use other holiday companies you might be able to get it cheaper. Elle Vacanze was one that we priced up but didn't have any availability.

There are loads of other sites along that stretch of coast so have a look at what activities you like to do. That site had a fantastic pool but had private beach too so caters for whatever you want.

The public transport is brilliant and there is a bus service direct from the airport and stops outside the campsite. We didn't hire a car and just used the bus. There is a food shop on site which was slightly more expensive than the supermarkets but it worked out cheaper when you consider car hire.

Can highly recommend - we really enjoyed it

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