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Booking Keycamp, Canvas, Eurocamp etc.

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MaryMotherOfCheeses Wed 12-Jan-11 21:23:53

What do you know about their pricing strategies?

So, I've got these brochures with the price lists. Price lists say "valid till 17th Feb" (eg)

Big push on "book before 17 Feb and get £100 off" or some such offer.

But what happens to the standard prices after 17th Feb? I wonder if they go down and they just take off the "early bird booking" offer.

Or am I just cynical?

overthemill Wed 12-Jan-11 22:11:30

well i always book as early as possible to get low deposit and early bird offers as we can only afford it if its cheap. But this year we are so broke we don't know if we can afford it so have to wait a few more months.

Also, being broke, we have got lots of other brochures like vancsoleil, french freedom and venue. All seem good and Venue and FF are cheaper worth a look?

MaryMotherOfCheeses Wed 12-Jan-11 22:38:55

Ah yes, we usually book with Vacansoleil. Much cheaper than those three in the threadtitle.

Tbh, if I really wanted the cheapest deal, i'd book direct. DS is an only so we want to make sure there are other English speaking kids around on this occasion. Mostly Dutch / German with Vacansoleil.

What I'm wondering, is whether prices really change that much after, say, 17th Feb. Do they just introduce another "offer". ?

I mean, this is peek booking time isn't it. So perhaps when numbers of bookers decrease, they have to find other ways to attract customers.

Hmmmmmmmmm...... :ponders:

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