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Teepee - anyone got one?

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Katz Tue 11-Jan-11 19:53:10

really like this tent teepee

it looks like it would be easy to pitch and well i just like it.

anyone got one?

Katz Tue 11-Jan-11 20:27:19


Katz Wed 12-Jan-11 09:50:41

one last bump

seeker Wed 12-Jan-11 09:58:01

WE have a tentipi which we bought with the last of our savings! I won;t link to it because it was really expensive, and would make you hate me. But we love it.

We also have a little 2 man tipi that we bought from ergos, which is incredibly easy to pitch, and is fine in light rain, However, our friends have a flowery one - which leaks like a sieve.

Yours does say for festivals and the garden - so it really really wouldn't be up to more than a shower of rain. And for 50 quid you could get a tent that would be less pretty but more practical. It depends what you want. Does this help?

Katz Wed 12-Jan-11 10:02:28

We're going to a festival, 2 adults and 3 children, my big concern is that there's no porch and that the door opens straight into the tent. Think i'm just going to have to be brave and take the big tent and spend the hour it'll take to pitch it. Would rather that than get wet!

seeker Wed 12-Jan-11 10:04:00

We also have friends who've got [ Search?storeId=10001&catalogId=1500002451&langId=- 1&searchTerms=large+teepee this]] It's pretty watertight, and it's so big the lack of a porch isn;t a problem. And it's half price at the moment. You'd have to seal the seams, though - just in case.

seeker Wed 12-Jan-11 10:05:28

Sorry this

Katz Thu 13-Jan-11 11:45:09

thanks - decided to spend my money on a handbag instead!! as DH pointed out we have 3 perfectly good tents.

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