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Camping near Eurodisnay (tent)

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Mylittlebubble Tue 04-Jan-11 12:08:21

We are looking to visit Euro Disney this June and are looking for a campsite close by.

Can anyone recommend anywhere? Taking 3 year old DD.

serin Tue 04-Jan-11 13:13:41

Sorry, no personal recommendation, although we did stay at La criox de la vieux pont a couple of years ago, about an hours drive away. Is that too far away for you?

You can camp in a motorhome in the car park at Disney


Mylittlebubble Tue 04-Jan-11 13:20:43

Thanks Serin.

An hours drive is not too bad. really want to use the tent as got it new this year and haven't used it yet!!

DesolationAngel Tue 04-Jan-11 17:26:07

We camped at Jablines here in August. It's about 20 mins from Eurodisney and they sell the tickets. We got 3 days for the price of 2 direct from the site.
The site was clean and the staff really friendly. A little shop on site.
Can't really comment further as we literally just slept there!

stringbean Tue 04-Jan-11 21:18:34

Another recommendation for Jablines. We stayed last May in one of their little chalets for 5 nights and went to EuroDisney, and then stopped for 3 nights in our own tent in Sept. Very friendly helpful staff, nice hot showers, clean etc. It's in the middle of a big leisure park, and the beach on the lake is definitely worth a visit - lovely sandy beach and really clear water; the dc's loved it there.

stringbean Tue 04-Jan-11 21:28:39

A parking tip. When you go to Eurodisney, and you are not staying in one of the hotels, the parking is very expensive; Jablines has a bus from near the main gate that will take you to the TGV station at the Disney main entrance.

However, if you take your own car, follow the parking signs to 'Disney Village' (the road takes you past all the hotels) as opposed to the main Disney parking. There is a multi-storey at Disney Village that charges in time slots and was a maximum of 8 Euros a day this year; it's also close to the main entrance. The main Disney carpark is a trek from the main gate and they will charge you a flat fee to park (this year it was 12 Euros).

NappyShedSal Tue 04-Jan-11 23:41:56

We are currently trying to book for 3 nights in august at Jablines and they have asked me to use the online booking form, but I can only find one for booking a motor home - it's very frustrating,
But, it's 28 Euros a night, for info.

DesolationAngel Wed 05-Jan-11 20:00:37

You can use camping Cheques if going out of season. We used them at the end of August last year.
This year you can use them 09/04/11 - 24/06/11 and then 27/08/11 - 5/11/11

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