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trinite sur mer - de la baie or de la plage?

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elliott Sun 02-Jan-11 10:24:00

We are booking on eurocamp this year and have pretty much decided on trinite sur mer, probably de la plage - but can't work out what the differences are between that and de la baie (apart from price!) Does anyone know?
We have two ds's aged 9 and 7 - the 7 year old will want to make friends, the 9 year old will be keen to do his own thing on the beach. Are the campsite run kids activities suitable for English speakers?
Is the pool area big enough for that age?
We would also be keen to cycle and use the car fairly minimally - can we hire children's bikes locally or should we take them? What about adults?
Anything else we need to know?

dreamingofsun Sun 02-Jan-11 13:33:12

haven't been to either sites, but stayed in carnac area 3 or 4 times. lovely area - one of our favourite places. get a detailed map and you will be able to find lots of hidden beaches with hardly anyone on. recommend visiting the standing stones at carnac. le men du is one of our favourite beaches

heartsnflowers Sun 02-Jan-11 13:39:26

They are very similar but you can walk straight onto beach from La Plage whereas you need to cross a very quiet road and go down via small car park from La Baie .
I`ve been to both and on balance prefer La Baie.
also keycamp only goes to La Baie and is usually quite a bit cheaper than Eurocamp.

I like the fact that you can get to a beach without the car for years we usedLa Grande Metairie much bigger and really need car for beach.
Anything else?Been to that area loads of times -love it

heartsnflowers Sun 02-Jan-11 13:40:25

Sorry just read rest of Qs -will answer in a bit -got to dash!

ivykaty44 Sun 02-Jan-11 13:45:04

le plage - is that the campsite you walk up the beach to the shop? I think I have stayed but not sure

heartsnflowers Sun 02-Jan-11 15:04:00

there are 3 routes to the shop via the beach ,along a path at the top of the beach or along the road /lane--only about 5 mins

heartsnflowers Sun 02-Jan-11 15:07:01

neither pool is huge--kids clubs run by camp may not get going until high season but June is a lovely time to go.I think most families would find other children to pal up with but
there`s always an element of luck about who else is there.

heartsnflowers Sun 02-Jan-11 15:08:11

you can hire bikes ,a bit pricey ,we always took our own

heartsnflowers Sun 02-Jan-11 15:10:00

I think both camps,shop and restaurant are all owned by the same people.

ivykaty44 Sun 02-Jan-11 17:41:17

It is then somewhere I stayed a long time ago - dd2 was 18 months and dd1 was 8 and we three loved it.

it was great to walk onto the beach and the area is also rather pleasant I thought. Vannes was a day trip and close to the ferry - as I was going home via St Malo (had sailed into Santandaer and slowly made my way up by car)

the end of the season there where plenty of spaces but windy at night.

Wasn't keen on the pool as it was near the entrance

elliott Sun 02-Jan-11 19:20:40

heartsnflowers - what sways you towards de la baie? I was leaning towards the other one because of the easier access to the beach -what are the other differences?
thanks for the other info. It sounds like a nice area to explore.

elliott Sun 02-Jan-11 19:21:43

Oh, and we will be going late august - very end of season. no choice about that really.

heartsnflowers Sun 02-Jan-11 21:02:12

I think La plage is slightly scruffier but not much in it--also like being near back door of La Baie--good walks and easy to get out by car,both will be pretty well full in August

Millimat Mon 03-Jan-11 09:22:54

I amlooking for a site around this area and like the look of them. We are taking our own caravan though and would be at leaat £40 per night for a pitch, plus booking fees etc, which seems very expensive in comparison to other sites?

ivykaty44 Tue 04-Jan-11 00:08:03

elliot, we find that at the end of august it is less crowded and the price often drops on 21/08 so cheaper campsites

Millimat, we have never booked regardless of towing or campervan, it has only been once in the campervan we got a naff campsite one night but just moved on in the morning and got a great site- which we have stayed at another 5 times between us. S have never paid booking fees

WindUpBird Tue 04-Jan-11 16:18:36

We stayed at de la Baie with Eurocamp last year with our 2 and 4 y-o and couldn't fault it...We're just thinking about where to book for this year's hol and trying very hard not to go back to the same site! The beach is fantastic - beautiful clear sea, rock pools, proper sandcastle sand.
Sorry I can't really answer any of your questions, just wanted to say how much we loved the site and the area in general. We didn't hire bikes but there were a lot of cyclists around and the land was nice and flat!

BlackandGold Tue 04-Jan-11 22:10:11

Oh this brings back memories!

De la Baie was the first campsite we ever stayed at (not counting Chateaux les Eaux as an overnight on the way down from Cherbourg) but that was 20 years ago! It didn't have the swimming pool then but I remember they used to smooth the sand on the beach with a tractor and trailer every morning.

We had many years of camping in France; in the end we used to go to Quiberon for the same 2 weeks every summer and the DCs would meet up with the same children from previous years!

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