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Bargain Outwell Nevada M - GoOutdoors from Boxing Day

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Tangle Wed 22-Dec-10 23:17:19

Had their special offer sales leaflet land on this morning. They're obviously clearing the decks for the 2011 model and selling off this years stock - from what I can see you get tent, carpet, footprint groundsheet and front awning/extension for £150 (sorry for gratuitous bolding, but I'm totally shock).

RRP in the summer was >£600 (we know - we bought one...) so it really is a bargain. We found it to be a very good tent - light, pretty easy to put up, easily enough space for 2 adults and a 3 yr old for 2 weeks without playing sardines, and front extension worked really well.

(Seriously tempted to buy one at that price anyway and Ebay one or t'other grin)

If you do plan to go, though, they do say that there will be just 10 per store, doors open 10:30 on the 26th

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