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just how practical is a bell tent with 2 DCs?

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tostaky Wed 10-Nov-10 07:52:20

because of course they look lovely, i quite like the idea of the open space, but, but.....
inthe evening everybody has to sleep at the same time and wouldnt it be nicer to have an independent bedroom?
and what when everybody got really mucky wellies its raining outside andthers no outside space protected ifykwm

my DC are 2 and 6 months

TeddyBare Wed 10-Nov-10 15:27:41

We have used ours with dc but they're still only tiny. Do you usually camp with other families? We all tend to put our dc to bed and then stay outside in a communal gazebo with the other adults and listen out for the dc. We have a no shoes in the tent rule and crocks for nipping outside to the loo etc. You can put up the front bit of bell tents to make a porch to keep shoes in.
You can get inner linings for bell tents btw. Might that solve your problem?
I love my bell tent and would never ever give it up. I love that you can roll up the sides to stop it getting too hot. It's big enough to have a communal space and beds and it's lovely. I secretly covert one of those tea-light holders but dh thinks they're poncy and a fire hazard.

Needanewname Fri 12-Nov-10 14:08:20

We've just bought one, not used it yet but have an inner tent and an awning (and also a collapsable plactic box to put shoes in!

I would say very practical as it only take 20 mins to put up opposed to an hour for our old one - must that was monstously huge!

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