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Domaine de Drancourt, anyone been?

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MegBusset Tue 09-Nov-10 10:30:16

Thinking of going next year with Canvas, the DC will be 4 and 2. Just wondering if anyone had been...?

MegBusset Tue 09-Nov-10 19:12:45

3rdnparty Thu 11-Nov-10 11:26:46

hi we went last May school holiday- nice site, practicals were very clean showers and loos facilities and good dishwashing and washing machines good price. Reception very helpful , fresh bread and croissants every day were fab and large supermarkets nearby.
Site quite sprawling but feels smaller as each area has lots of trees and bushes. huge field at the back for kite flying/football (not much wind!) pool was too cold for us ds4 lasted about 5 mins ! some bits like mini golf were a bit scruffy but was early in the season- Bar was good too and happy to have kids in - had room at back where they showed english kids dvds
local town Valery sur Somme great -lovely castle and beaches and cafes and ice cream!
we took own tent so can't comment on the mobile homes - there were 3 companies with tents already up (dont know what they call them) including canvas- I think they were the ones nearest the pool - which could be an issue as could get quite noisy for young ones visitors were so check where you will be placed
We were by ones from rent a tent who I think were Dutch and looked very good and very helpful staff too

sorry for the essay! but we liked it and the area and only to 1.5 hours from Calais which is great

MegBusset Thu 11-Nov-10 20:05:14

Great thanks, all sounds positive!

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