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Indigo campsites in France, ever been?

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fruitcorner Sat 07-Aug-10 23:28:55

Has anyone been to any of the Indigo sites in France, we are looking at ones in near Clemont Ferrand (royat), one in the Vendee (la Vendette) or also one in the Ile d'Oleron - have you ever been to one of their sites and if so, what did you think of it?

coconutfeet Mon 09-Aug-10 12:45:12

We've been to one of the Huttopia, their sister company's sites in Rille in the Loire Valley. It was a really well maintained site with lovely facilities. There was an organic pizza restaurant on site and the staff were very helpful. One of my work colleagues went to (I think) Royat and said it was good.

Othersideofthechannel Mon 09-Aug-10 13:00:18

They look great on the Web site, don't they.

When are you thinking of going? We are considering camping for a few days next week at Indigo Royat (but I am waiting to see what the weather forecast is). If we go, I could report back early September if that's any good.

Bumpsadaisie Mon 09-Aug-10 13:49:31

We're thinking of going to one of these in September. Would be interested to hear what people thought!

Othersideofthechannel Mon 09-Aug-10 17:35:27

OK. If we go next week, I'll report back in September.

DesolationAngel Mon 09-Aug-10 20:02:30

We are off to the Ile D'Oleron one, for two weeks from this Saturday, will let you know what it's like. smile

Mung Tue 10-Aug-10 10:35:00

They look great...tempted to change my plans for September if the feedback is good!

Othersideofthechannel Thu 12-Aug-10 16:56:49

Please do DesolationAngel. I have booked a few days at Royat next week.

thereistheball Fri 13-Aug-10 08:56:49

I've been to the one at Noirmoutier - was completely lovely. Also a couple of the Huttopias: love the one at Versailles - super-friendly staff and a lovely spot. Think the company is great.

Mung Sat 14-Aug-10 14:33:01

That's good to hear. Decided to book Oleron for 2 weeks in September.

thereistheball Sat 14-Aug-10 21:04:16

Tell us what it's like. Hope you have a great time!

Othersideofthechannel Sat 14-Aug-10 21:10:12

Thereistheball, did you take your own accommodation or rent something?
This time we are taking our own tent as we are only going for a few nights.
If you rented, I'd be interested to hear more details.

thereistheball Sun 15-Aug-10 13:21:23

I've done both. The Canadienne tents are great: there's a porch with bucket chairs, an inside living area which has a table and chairs, a double gas burner, fridge, workspace, and which is fully stocked with plates, knives forks etc. There is nothing that you need to bring yourself apart from food. At the back, there's a raised platform which is divided into two bedrooms, with mattresses, pillows, blankets and sheets. They have a wooden floor and canvas roof - the walls are either canvas or wood. I loved it.

I've also seen inside the Cabanes, ie full wooden houses. Fully equipped with hob, microwave, shower, loo, double bedroom, wood-burning heater, upstairs twin bedroom, seating area. Fab!

Mung Sun 29-Aug-10 12:21:29

DesolationAngel How was your trip?

Fennel Sun 29-Aug-10 21:15:07

We went to the Indigo site in Ile d'Oleron a few weeks ago, I'm not quite sure really. It was probably about the busiest week of the year there so it did seem quite crowded, but maybe that's inevitable at a campsite there in early August. Nice atmosphere and lovely forest all around and good location. but quite noisy and crowded and a lot of dust. Pools too small to really swim in. I'm not quite convinced it was better than just rolling up at a municipal campsite, but we might go back, it was a lovely location and nothing really to complain about.

There, that's a slightly lukewarm recommendation isn't it? We've stayed in 6 campsites in Brittany and the Vendee in the last 2 summers and this one was fairly pleasant but just a bit too busy, I suppose.

Othersideofthechannel Mon 30-Aug-10 07:59:26

We went to the one in Royat last week with our own tent. The pitch was great, almost surrounded by trees and quite shady. The staff were all helpful and all looked like they were enjoying their jobs. The toilets and showers always looked like they had just been cleaned and there always seemed to be one nearby. The pool was open until 11 one evening so the children got to swim when it was lit by the underwater lights which they found most exciting.

But it was very noisy. I have never been in a camp site before where so many people seem incapable of understanding that when you walk around after 11 at night, you lower your voice. It was so bad that I shushed in a stage whisper through the canvas a couple of times every night and once I even bothered to wriggle out of my sleeping bag to go and say something, at midnight!

DesolationAngel Tue 31-Aug-10 18:43:00

Hello, just got home this morning stopped off at Eurodisney on the way home!

I'm with Fennel really, mixed opinions. First week we were there it was packed and some pitches looked very close. In the second week it emptied considerably and I enjoyed the second week more.

The facilities were ok but my kids were forever getting locked in the toilet! In the first week the toilets were frequently blocked and a bit smelly, all facilities are unisex.

I liked the pool area, it was decked with two pools (the big one is warmer) and I thought they were fine. Roulette cafe sold Pizzas and Amstel smile and other snacks, drinks ice creams etc. You can order croissants etc for breakfast the day before.

The location was lovely and I would recommend Ile D'Oleron and the area the site is in. All in I would not have liked to have been there in peak season, too cramped and a strain on facilities but out of season it was a good site. The staff were all very friendly.
Oh and take mozzie repellent!

Fennel Wed 01-Sep-10 09:10:56

Yes, that's about right Desolationangel. Two of my dds got locked in the toilets too!

I would go back, particularly for the location, we took bikes and spent most of the time cycling through the forest to the lovely beaches. But ideally not in peak season.

Our pitch was actually huge and very shady, but dusty. Others were smaller but grassier.

DesolationAngel Wed 01-Sep-10 18:42:52

Yeah we took bikes and enjoyed the cycling, especially as it was flat grin. Although we ended up pushing the bikes for about 30 mins through sand dunes to get to the grande plage! Never trusting DH with the map again!

Our pitch was a good size and out by itself but I did book in Feb and exagerrated the size of the tent a bit wink.

Fennel Wed 01-Sep-10 20:58:14

Yes, we also did the 30 mins pushing through sand to get to the south end of the Grand Plage. Most times we just went up the proper paths but one day we got ambitious and went another way, and then had to cycle/walk miles up the beach. But I did like all the forest and beach and cycle paths.

Bumpsadaisie Fri 03-Sep-10 14:01:22


Was this at Noirmoutier - just thinking of booking that one last two weeks of Sept - any thoughts anyone? Would be one their tents that you can hire.

THanks in advance!
Bumps x

Fennel Sat 04-Sep-10 20:56:41

We were at Ile d'Oleron, not Nourmoutier. It would probably be really nice in September, when it's less crowded.

almostadomesticgoddess Sat 11-Jun-11 10:05:32

We're hoping to go to Oleron in the summer without a car. Has anyone been there by train who could advise us? Do we go to La Rochelle or a different station and would you recommend we take a bus to the ferry? We'll have 4 kids with us, so are reluctant to just turn up and hope for the best!

jamaisjedors Sat 11-Jun-11 12:08:34

I went to the Ile de Ré long ago without a car. I got the train to La Rochelle and then there were coaches from the station to the island. I don't know about Oléron but could look it up if you like - or contact La Rochelle tourist office - they will speak English and will know about times etc.

Are you actually camping (ie bringing all your stuff?)?

I was in a caravan with a friend, but we were students and just took a rucksack each.

overthemill Sat 11-Jun-11 12:52:17

have been to d'oleron manay times but always with a car. but my sister always goes on train to campsites in france so her advice is you can do it. have you checked sncf website? or you may be able to get a bus direct from the airport as it is a popular destination (and lovely!!!)

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