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Anyone want to join me in a May/June/July weight loss challenge?

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Murtette Tue 30-Apr-13 20:27:40

I've realised that its 1st May tomorrow, that there are 13 weeks during May, June & July and that I want to lose a stone before going on holiday in the first week of August. So, if I can lose a lb a week for each of those 13 weeks, I'll have cracked it. Anyone else want to join me?
My plan is to have 1300 calories a day except for Sundays when I'll have between 1500 - 1600, do Zumba twice a week and finally get the Shred out of its packaging and do that a couple of times a week. I think my downfall is that, on the two days I work in an office, I'll have little control over what I have for lunch as always eat in the canteen with colleagues and there's little choice so I need to control what & how much I eat there.
I'm 11st10 today and want to be 10st10 by 1st August. If I can lose 1.5lbs a week, then I'd be 10st3 which would be brilliant as then I'd be a few pounds into my "ideal" BMI as opposed to still being "overweight" which I will be at 10st10.

Rockchick1984 Tue 30-Apr-13 20:54:18

I'll join you with it! Currently 10st 12, would love ideally to be 9.5st, but if I could lose a stone I'd be overjoyed! Started doing 5:2 last week so will stick to that but also try to cut down a bit on my non-fast days. I'm not an exercise fan, but will try to walk more and go faster when I do walk!

CarolBornAMan Wed 01-May-13 09:25:29

Can I join as well as this my exact plan - 13 weeks until I go on holiday and I need to lose stone and a half at least by then to be at ideal BMI as currently am overweight - I am 12 stone 4 and would just like to be weighing 10stone something when I land.. I am doing the BIWI bootcamp and there are so many people on it, it would be good to have someone with same targets and timescales as me .. to keep me on the narrow!

I am doing C25K and will have another go at shred ...

Shall we use Monday to do a weight check in?

Bakingnovice Wed 01-May-13 09:43:13

Can I join too? I've got two stone to lose and have lost 10lbs so far. Hoping to increase my walking and shred and want to use 5:2 to maintain as I tend not to lose on it.

Murtette Wed 01-May-13 20:54:52

I've stuck to my calorie allowance today. I have drunk gallons - at least 1.5l of water and will try and have another pint this evening. I don't think I'm going to manage any exercise...Zumba was cancelled this evening so I've been catching up with paperwork and am now about to attack a stack of ironing. I'll try & iron energetically!
I'm interested that some of you are doing 5:2 and others are doing BIWI as I've considered both. I've ruled out 5:2 for the time being as DC2 (11mo) still doesn't sleep that well and I don't think I could cope with a fast day after a broken night.

CarolBornAMan Thu 02-May-13 10:11:09

Hi - well am going great - so far lost about 4lb this week and am just loving the food - last night had the cabbage cooked in cream that is popular with the group and it was divine .. felt a million miles away from diet food. planning large cheese filled omlette for lunch after a healthy swim and then dinner tonight is roast chicken with loads of veg..

I am enjoying the BIWI plan as it requires less thought than the other plans and fits in with family - I just have whatever they are without the carbs.. plus it is making me eat a lot more veg which is a good thing as I can be quite lazy on that.. I did do the 5:2 years ago when I was on the original trial for it and it does work but I prefer the "every day is good day" approach rather than semi dreading a low food day - but at the end of the day, they all work if you stick to them!

To keep me on track, I am now starting to check out clothes for the new slim me and logging them in pinterest - it is great to look in there at moments of weakness!

CharlieUniformNovemberTango Thu 02-May-13 13:10:56

I'd love to join in.

I've been doing a 16:8 intermittent fasting thing which has mad a huge difference to my appetite and my approach to food.

Yesterday I started a summer core challenge that a local fitness company had posted about on facebook. It's started easy enough but the looks brutal for the end! but it's a five minute thing so no excuse for not fitting it in right now.

I'm 193 lbs and would love to drop a lb a week as a good steady base.

I use myfitnesspal on my phone to track my calories and am sticking to 1400. I also have a drink water app to remind me to drink more too.

I have a pedometer and am aiming for 10,000 steps a day.

I have no childcare for the gym and am starting a new job in a week or so so these little changes should fit in with what I am doing.

Murtette Thu 02-May-13 21:08:51

I'm very proud of myself as I just did day one of the Shred! I ordered the DVD about 8 months ago but its just sat (still in its cellophane) on the shelf until tonight. Whilst I knew it only lasted 20 minutes, it wasn't until I did it that I realised how easy that is to fit in. I got into my exercise gear as soon as I put the children down, tidied up & then shredded. I'm quite proud of myself. It has occurred to me that I could spend May doing level 1, June doing level 2 & July doing level 3...
I also had just-about-to-turn-1 DS in the sling for 3 hours today so must have burned some extra calories lugging him around.
And I've stuck to my calories. I haven't drunk much water tho.

Charlie - what's 16:8 fasting?

Carol - can you keep letting me know the sort of things you're eating as it may be enough to convert me. I did Atkins about 12 yrs ago and lost weight really quickly but struggled with what to eat for breakfast & lunch as had always had porridge for breakfast & the only thing out office offered for lunch was sandwiches. It may be easier to do now I'm only in an office a couple of days a week.

showerhead Thu 02-May-13 21:39:28

can I join too? i like the slow and steady approach so 1 pound per week sounds good to me and i have around 1 stone to lose. I hate calorie counting so shall try by cutting out most crap, stopping eating between meals and I might try the 5:2 diet . Thursday is my worst day of the week due to work patterns and its now done and dusted so I start tomorrow! Oh exercise- i walk lots but shall add some strength in, important for me as i"m mid 40s and need to build the muscle up a bit.

CharlieUniformNovemberTango Thu 02-May-13 21:43:54

It's like IF fasting. You fast for 16 hours - usually over night and only eat in an 8 hour window. So I only eat between 10 and 6.

The main benefit for me has been the fact that I rarely feel starving like I used to - I was shakey after 2-3 hours and ate pretty much all day from getting up to going to bed. And I feel fuller after smaller portions.

I find it easy to follow and only really break it on the odd sunday if we are busy earlier then usual and I fancy my tea and toast in bed before we get up and about smile

I've done my core challenge today = 25 crunches and a 25 second plank. Nice and easy to start with and I also started a squat challange = 55 squats. The last day has 240 squats so I'm hoping I'll survive that long!

I don't have a DVD player so my shred will have to wait smile

CarolBornAMan Thu 02-May-13 21:56:27

Murtette - good idea with Shred, a level a month - will do that as I only ever did level 1 once and ached for months.. been back on shelf for 2 years!

Charlie - shred is on YouTube!! No DVD needed smile

OK so far this week, I have eaten the following for breakfast:

-Full fat Greek yoghurt - usually with blueberries and almonds (just not this week as on the "induction phase" which is a little stricter than usual but this will be usual breakfast as low carb and totally lush.
- Bacon and eggs and mushrooms
- Feta cheese omlette
- scrambled eggs with chilli and coriander with side of spinach cooked in loads of butter and black pepper.
- mushrooms cooked in garlic butter with eggs

Lunch - also work in an office so I take stuff in but has to be easy as low level of effort needed in morning!

- bag of rocket, bottle of dressing, boiled eggs, chicken and bacon mixed in mayo
- avocado with bag of salad as above - mushrooms cooked in garlic and bacon chopped over it
- chicken and celeriac soup
- left over spag-less bol sauce heated in micro wave and covered in grated cheese.

today for lunch out had a fab salad of roasted med veg with halloumi and yoghurt dressing..

I am loving it so far as I feel I am eating some quite indulgent food - but when it gets too rich with cheese, I just have some chicken salad with a chillui dressing for some clean freshness.. I am also finding it kills my needs to snack which is my main weight problem..

Kimm2013 Fri 03-May-13 01:09:40

Hi everyone!
Can I join tooo! Please
May/ June/ July sounds fab!
Am 13stone ... Would like to get to 11 stone 5lbs
I had a baby girl 8 months ago, my belly is awful !!
Don't know where to start???
Any advice would be greatful' !! X

CarolBornAMan Fri 03-May-13 09:48:24

Morning Kimm

I would have a think about what diet style would suit you and your life - I am doing the BIWI bootcamp as it is low on the thinking and tracking and measuring that I just can't do but some people are good at this and so the calorie counting on MFP works well for them. I like knowing I can eat all the veg, meat fish, some dairy and avoid sugar and carbs - makes for eating with family and I also really like the food.

You may have the will power for the 5:2 diet were you only need to really think about what you eat 2 days a week and rest of time you just need to be good but not VERY VERY good.. then there are the the external plan such as WW or SW - group support is critical to weight loss.

I would spend a bit of time thinking which approach would suit you best and the one you know you can take on long term - this has to carry on past when you get to goal .. to keep you at goal.

I would focus on tackling it now - you dont have a lot to lose - I had same amount when my PFB was 8 months but failed to do it and now he is 13 and I have double the amount to lose!

Make a choice, get the support, set your goals and join us! I am totally focused on this and feel positive I am going to be in a bikini this summer for first time since I was 8 month old!!

Murtette Fri 03-May-13 22:56:26

Welcome Kimm. Of course you can join - the more the merrier. If you're trying to decide which diet to go for, take a read of a few of the other threads on here and see what people are doing and what appeals to you.

Carol - I have never heard of 16:8. That's really interesting. I'm not sure I could do it as I always need to eat within about 30 mins of getting up, especially since I've had children.

An OK day... there were after work drinks which I went along to & had a Pimms and a small slice of pizza. It could have been much worse but I knew I'd have to report in here. I'm proud to say that I have just done the Shred. It really hurt tonight and I'm not sure I'll be able to move tomorrow. It felt good though.

CarolBornAMan Sat 04-May-13 08:28:17

hey well done on willpower with drinks and the Shred - I am yet to face up to it being a coward so went for a swim instead - diet has been good this week - feeling good about facing the scales on Monday!

Murtette Sat 04-May-13 19:57:24

Not such a good day today. DS is teething and was up on and off during the night. DP dealt with him then but, at 5.30, I took over. DD then woke at 6 and I thought we may as well do something so took them into the local town where we went & brought breakfast in Sainsburys (pastries & fruit for them; just a banana for me), had a picnic by the river and then went to the park which was fab as we had the playground to ourselves for over an hour. DS was on OK form while we were there but went downhill as soon as we got home & DD has been really T&E since about 2pm - something which was exacerabated by a birthday party this afternoon so I'm now shattered. It also meant I had no willpower at the BBQ at the party and am waaaaayyy over 1250 calories. So, today, I have had:

a bit of DS' roll
v small portion of fish pie
2 x vegetable kebabs
4 tablespoons couscous, roast veg & feta salad
10 Skips
Doritos... several
1 x M&S mini chocolate roll (I'm sure I was once horrified to discover that they have about 90 calories in them)
2 x M&S mini flapjack (ditto)
Small piece of very rich chocolate birthday cake
Glass of prosecco
Slice of toast with marmite
... and I'm still feeling a bit peckish.

I always knew today was going to be my potential downfall. I really didn't need the M&S treats. Or the Doritos. Especially as the veggie kebabs were next to them so I could have had another of those.

I did manage the shred though.

berrygood25 Sun 05-May-13 13:01:28

I would love to join too, please? 3 months seems like a realistic time scale as I want to lose 1.5 stone (I'm 11.5 at the moment) I managed to lose nearly 2 stone last year and felt really motivated, but then I lost it and I need that motivation back!! My main reason for wanting to lose weight is that I don't want another summer feeling self conscious, I want to enjoy my holiday and the fact that I will be a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding.

I plan on cutting out wine during the week, taking healthy lunches to work and using a pedometer to ensure I walk at least 10'000 steps a day. I'm not a huge exercise fan, but I know I need to do something.

Can someone tell me what BIWI is?

eslteacher Sun 05-May-13 20:01:14

Hi, I'd like to join although I'm not looking for weight loss exactly, more toning and healthiness. I find that it's very difficult for me to lose weight, but since my BMI is in the 'OK' range I can deal with that. However, recently my tummy has been getting bigger and bigger to the point where someone asked me if I was pregnant the other day! (She was very embarassed when I said I wasn't). My bum and thighs are also getting wobblier and wobblier and I'd love to be able to shift some cellulite.

So my plan is to exercise 3-5 times per week and to cut out unhealthy snacks (very bad habit of mine), unecessarily large portions and too much wine. Exercise will be a mix of Jillian Michael DVDs, treadmill, weights, situps and DDR. The problem will be fitting it all in, as I work full-time and often go away places at weekends, or have visitors. But I need to make some sacrifices to make sure it gets done! RE: food I'd try dieting but I know I'll never stick to a diet in the long term, so I'm not going to start something I won't finish. I'll just try to make good choices rather than bad ones PARTICULARLY re: portion size and snacking.

Not sure how I'm going to measure results: I might weigh myself once per week but I don't hold out much hope of losing more than a few pounds. Thinking about measuring but it seems a bit of a faff. I think I'll mostly go on how my clothes fit and how much my belly protrudes. I have a pair of lovely black trousers that are a small size 10, and they are insanely tight and won't do up. I think at the moment I'm a large size 12. So I'll make my goal to fit into them properly by July.

Am hoping that checking into this thread will keep me motivated to stay on track. Good luck everyone, whatever your plan may be!

Murtette Sun 05-May-13 22:32:11

Welcome, Berry & River. Berry, one of my reasons for doing this is so that I can actually enjoy going to the beach this summer and not feel that everyone is staring at me. I know they weren't but I just felt so self conscious.
A much better day here. Around 1200 calories and I've just done the Shred. I was so tempted not to so it as I've been up since 6 with the children and have been gardening all afternoon but kept reminding myself it was only 20 mins and am really glad I did it.
I am now off for a bath & then bed and know I will sleep well subject to DC waking me up!

tri10 Sun 05-May-13 22:49:42

Can I join too? I think I have a lot more to loose than most of you but my first goal is to loose 2.5 stone to get me out of the obese bmi category.

I started the shred on wed am proud of myself as I have had it for about 2.5 years and have done a max of 3 day numerous times before so to do 5 days is a huge accomplishment for megrin

I am basing my diet around the slim fast diet of 3x 100 Calorie snacks 2x <250 calorie meals and 1x 600 calorie meal, I'm not always using slim fast although find them handy for work days. My main problem is snacking and I can't go without snackshmm.

I have tried weightwatchers a few times before and once I have gone off track tend to give up for the whole week and need to get into the mentality of 1 slip up doesn't matter if I eat ok the rest of the time. So I'm hoping dividing each meal into calories insteade of looking at the day as a total will help me a bitsmile

eslteacher Sun 05-May-13 23:08:09

Good luck tri. I think my main problem is snacking too. And I'm also going to try the Shred!

Gonna try to stock up on healthy low-cal snacks like crab sticks, mini gherkins, cucumber chunks with soy not sure what else! If anyone has ideas for healthy snacks please share. I'm more into savoury snacks than sweet so fruit doesn't really do it for me.

showerhead Mon 06-May-13 09:52:17

snacks for me are the devils work, i really think snacking contributes to weight gain- though if you're only snacking on carrot sticks and celery you should be ok. Its something to do with insulin and fat. If you want to carry on snacking then stick to very low calorie and low GI foods that won't raise your blood sugar. You could also try plain nuts but watch the calories and portion size.

My main aim over these 3 months is to retrain myself to stick to 3 meals a day, i know when hunger badly strikes that will be hard but i do find chomping on raw veg can help get over that .

I've been ok these past few days. Eating is less disordered, though yesterday wasn't great. What i've eaten is another matter, due to new farmers market in town with lovely cake stall where the woman was cutting massive slabs for a very reasonable price i ended up having cake for lunch on friday- having the other half the next day. Exercise again has been lots of walking, i really need to start getting into the habit of doing some strength work at home.

Good luck everyone!

berrygood25 Mon 06-May-13 19:01:16

Hello! Today hasn't been tooo bad food wise, considering its a bank holiday anyway. Had some salmon and salad for dinner and now a small glass of wine, must only have one though!!

For a snack, I quite like the special K chocolate, chewy cereal bars. For under 100 calories, it doesn't feel like I'm depriving myself of tasty treats (not sure how healthy they are though). Microwave popcorn and grapes also work for me.

I have a weekend away booked with friends for 3 weeks time and so I'm going to be using that as my first target. I want to have lost 4 pounds (5 would be great!) and so I'm going to start doing the shred, just discovered you can get the whole workout on one clip on youtube.

Hope everyone had a good day.

Murtette Mon 06-May-13 19:38:04

Evening! I weighed in today and have lost 4lbs in the first week which I'm thrilled about. Of course, I'm now thinking how much I'd lose if I continued at this rate which is silly as I know it won't. It does make me think that losing 1.5lbs a week should be achievable though.
Tri - I'm also basing my diet around the slimfast principles in terms of calorie consumption. I've adapted it slightly as I had 1 x 250 meal, 1 x 350 meal and 1 x 500 meal as I find that that gives me more options. For the snacks, I tend to have a banana every morning and then a "treat" in the afternoon, the treat being something like a bag of Quavers (88 calories), Twiglets (99 calories), a Frusli bar (111 cals) etc. I realise I do much better if I know I have something like that to look forward to and, as the size is pre-packaged, I know when to finish IYSWIM... its not like having a couple of biscuits as then its really tempting to have a third, and then a fourth. If I'm really hungry, then I'll have toast & marmite as that feels much more substantial & can keep me going. In the evening, I just about always have a yogurt.
Have any of you read the thread in Chat about what moment made you decide you have to lose weight? I found it really interesting.

eslteacher Mon 06-May-13 21:14:01

Hi all,

So day one of healthier me went OK. Have downloaded MyFitnessPal and scrupulously entered all I've eaten today, which tells me I've consumed 1577 calories. To be honest I'm shocked at that, given that today I held off on snacks, generally ate less than I usually would and had a really healthy salad-based dinner! I was assuming my total would be well below 1500. So I'm starting to realise why my belly and flab has been creeping up on me, I must have been clocking well over 2,000 calories p/d for a good while!

On the exercise side, I did Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown when I got in from work, which felt good.

showerhead treats like homemade farmers-market cake are the type of thing that I don't want to live without in the long term, do that what it will to my weight! Sounds like you did a good job indulging yourself without bingeing, making it last two days.

berry congrats on decent day. I am also enjoying a small glass of wine right now. Not too much actual wine and a decent top-up of fizzy water to stretch it out. Sacrilege for some but it's a habit I already had, and am happy with it to keep my wine intake down (else it can get out of control quite quickly over the course of one evening at home)

Congrats on the weight loss Murtett - good tip re: Quavers, that's an excellent low-cal treat. I know what you mean about one biscuit turning into to find a way to avoid that! Haven't seen that thread in Chat but will go and have a look.

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