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Weight loss and calorie confusion

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Tragicroundabout Wed 28-Mar-18 11:49:59

Hi, I am new to both the forums and calorie counting so apologies for any stupid questions. I'm not particularly overweight (170 cm and 70 kg) but I have put on a few pounds gradually over the last few months and I feel much more comfortable if I am closer to 60 kg. For the past 3 and a bit weeks I have been using My fitness Pal which recommends 1200 calories per day. As I'm still a newbie I am being pretty careful about weighing all food and recording everything I eat and so far I have been able to keep my calorie limit ( with two exceptions when I've gone up to about 1350). I 'm also exercising 5 days a week. I either do a brisk 5k walk ( would love to try running, but dodgy knees won't allow), swim for one hour or go to the gym where I do a mix of cardio and weights. I am not eating back these calories.
I've lost 2kg so far which is great, however for the last 6 days there has been no change in either my weight or my measurements. I am also really hungry a lot of the time but I do resist the urge to eat more as I don't want to go over my limit. I try to eat plenty of fruit and veg, protein every day and am a convert to the joys of brown rice and avocados! I've also been reading around some other sites and found references to BMR. Calculating this, mine is around 1400 calories, so is 1200 per day too little? I am just a bit confused and want to carry on seeing the weight come off. Am I doing the right thing?

StringandGlitter Wed 28-Mar-18 12:26:56

With weightloss in women you never see a straight line down on the chart. Last year I did a really strict diet and exercise regime and I could plateau for a couple of weeks and then get a “whoosh”.

Female hormones, water weight gain from muscles holding onto it after exercise, general bloating etc. all cause temporary “stalls” on scales masking effect of weight loss. 6 days is really not a long time.

I always knew I was about to have a “whoosh” when my fat on my stomach and arms went really wobbly and I was weeing more. So keep on for a few more days and see what happens. Also take measurements and progress photos.

greeneyedlulu Wed 13-Jun-18 15:18:28

Keep going!!
What string said is so true regarding hormones, water etc!!
Maybe just stay off the scales for a week if you without reaching for the crappy food.
Do you do your measurements too as sometimes you'll a change there rather than the scales

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