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Family on a diet - any decent recipes with no veg for veg hating teenagers?

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WaxOnFeckOff Sun 11-Feb-18 17:59:01

The whole family decided to get fit and healthy since we've booked our summer hols.

DH is already a healthy weight and does a lot of exercise and he only wants to shift a few pounds. DS1 is 17, had a little pot belly but was otherwise a healthy weight and wanted to lose 8lbs. I did weigh 13 stone 1 and am 5'9 - DH has put me down to go to 10 stone 4. I'd be happy with 11ish. DS2 is 16 and in the worst shape. He was 16 stone and needs to get down to about 13.

So, this week we have been using MFP and i've lost 3.5lbs, DS1 lost 6 of his 8 and Ds2 lost 7.5lbs. Obviously a lot of that is down to first week water etc. DH lost a pound but he has lost half a stone over the last 6 weeks as he started earlier.

DS1 hasn't been eating his full amount of allocated calories ass he is essentially having the same as DS2. I've told him to add in extra snacks and will up his portions a little.

Anyway, I've managed a weeks worth of different decent meals and I'm fine with breakfasts and lunches but I need more dinner ideas.

The boys don't eat veg really. DS1 will eat beans and mushrooms and tomato based sauces as long as the tomatoes are blended. Finely chopped onions are fine. He also doesn't eat mashed potato. DS2 eats mash, peas and sweetcorn, tomatoes in a sauce and finely chopped onion but not beans or mushrooms. They eat any kind of meat and most fruit.

We've been eating a lot of chicken in various guises and I made fake calzone pizzas using a wrap. I've bought a ham and some chicken drumsticks so far this week and I have proper burgers and mince in the freezer. I've been looking on-line but everything seems to involve a lot of veg.

Hope someone has some good ideas smile

missbattenburg Mon 12-Feb-18 18:14:29

Banana and buttermilk ice cream: freeze some bananas in slices (about 1 per person) and then just before you need it, blitz them with about 125ml buttermilk per person and a little spoon of honey. Makes a soft scoop ice cream that is low in cals (about 10 per portion) and v tasty. You have to eat it straight away as it doesn't freeze again so well.

Bulk mince out with pureed aubergine (grill it first) and a tsp of bicarb to make lighter beef burgers. Do it when no one is looking and they will never know the aubergine is in there. Promise.

Macaroni cheese made with quark and low cal cheese rather than a traditional white sauce.

ihatethecold Mon 12-Feb-18 18:19:59

Turkey mince (thigh is tastier) with grated onion in it.
Make it into a fat pancake shape that fills the pan and add a little stock to the pan and cook with a lid on.
Slice big tomatoes to go on the top whilst cooking for added flavour. ( you and dh can eat the tomatoes with the meal)
Takes about 20 mins and is surprisingly tasty.
We have it with saffron rice but you can have it with whatever you prefer.

GlitterGlue Mon 12-Feb-18 18:25:14

To be honest, I think they need to suck it up and start eating more veg. I wouldn't be trying to find recipes which don't contain vegetables.

WaxOnFeckOff Mon 12-Feb-18 19:30:22

Glitter, i'd prefer it to be eaten rather than binned. I've tried a lot over the years. With Ds1 is definitely a sensory thing with the texture rather than the taste, I've gotten away with carrot in the bolognaise before as it melts away when finely grated and he knows it's in there but can't see it or feel it so it's okay.

The aubergine is a good idea and thanks for the other suggestions too - we had turkey meatballs last week that got scoffed smile

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