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Am 5 ft 5” and have crept up to 11 st 7lbs

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SukiTheDog Fri 09-Feb-18 15:34:51

Am SO tired of this yo-yo weight thing. All my life, I’ve lost and then gradually gained the same bloody stone. Nothing fits me. I feel ashamed of myself, physically and wear the same 2 or 3 outfits, daily. I flatly refuse to buy more clothes. I’ve jeans (good ones, I look ok in at 10 and a half stone but can’t do up nor sit down in.

It’s should destroying. Where do I start....*again*?

Anyone else do this?

SukiTheDog Fri 09-Feb-18 15:35:45

I meant soul destroying, of course!

MaidenMotherCrone Fri 09-Feb-18 15:37:14

I hear you. I’m the same weight and height. I’m getting married in June......dreading it really.

m0therofdragons Mon 12-Feb-18 13:22:48

I am also 5'5" and started the year at 11s 6. I'm currently doing 5:2 and getting on pretty well. I'm now jumping around 10 13 - 11 1, but really want to get further away from 11 stone and closer to 10 (under 10 is the long term plan but taking it one step at a time)

SukiTheDog Mon 12-Feb-18 14:12:25

Thanks for the replies.

I’ve registered (again) on MFP so, will be able to clock the calories. My difficulty is coping with the futility. It’s how to keep it off that’s just so hard for me. I actually lose it gradually and we’ll. I went from 11st 4 to 9st 10 in 2016 but, as ever it crept on. Even though I felt marvellous and felt like I could wear anything, I still slowly let it creep up again.

Anyway, I start today.

m0therofdragons Mon 12-Feb-18 15:23:01

I think it's about finding a diet that can actually become your way of life.

Sw isn't for me as I don't eat the processed food so I need portion control but guilt free times too. That's why fast days work. Once you get to your weight you only do one fast day a week. I'm not there yet but this is good for me that I'm still going for it. I can keep my usual food, just be a bit more aware how many calories are in things so I can make informed decisions.

I'd love to be 10 3 or less by end of March! (My next birthday)

SukiTheDog Mon 12-Feb-18 16:02:04

Good luck with it, Motherofdragins. Your plan seems to be working for you 😊

Boatsonthewater Tue 13-Feb-18 09:09:52

Mother of dragons, is SWcabout eating processed food? If it is, there’s no point in me joining. I hate the way a lot of diet clubs push unhealthy food choices. It defeats the object surely? Online calorie counters are good, but I lose heart after about a week and fall if the wagon!

Onynx Tue 13-Feb-18 09:39:21

I'm in the same boat OP- did SW three times and lost weight but while the overall idea behind it is good it wasn't sustainable for me for many reasons. I also like to eat things like nuts and avocados which are syns in SW- also lots of their recommended products are processed or contain aspartame. So now I'm 5'4" and 12 stone & disgusted with myself so following this with great interest.

SukiTheDog Tue 13-Feb-18 10:59:38

Yep, that’s exactly how I feel Onynx. SW and WW seem to be something people “go on” but many (not all) don’t want to eat like that forever. That’s when the weight creeps back up. I did really well with SW but actually, when I broke it down, it wasn’t that healthy for me.

Am trying to eat more fruit and veg now. Cooking with turkey quite a bit too, as it’s so low in fat. Taking smaller portions of pasta with only a coating of sauce. DH said last night “that’s not enough...have some more” but I was strong! Didn’t have the tear and share garlic bread either. Felt VERY short changed. Must think of the summer and getting in my shorts....😐

JacintaJones Tue 13-Feb-18 14:32:21

I'll be following too.... I too have hit 11 stone. Well just not got back to under 10 following last baby (who is now 14 months)
Ive done low carb and got down to 10.4 earlier this year but it was expensive and boring.
Just downloaded MFP. Not that it has worked for me previously.
May try the military diet next week for a kick start. Just want my clothes to fit again.

m0therofdragons Tue 13-Feb-18 14:55:10

The sw group certainly was - everyone raving about bloody Iceland ready meals and mullet lights. The concept makes sense and includes a lot of low calorie stuff so people feel they're eating lots. I decided I'd rather eat the food I like (mostly homemade) but in moderation so began calorie counting and fast days.

It feels like I'm re learning how to eat while having guilt free meals out (averaging calories over a week).

LadyPenelopeCantDance Tue 13-Feb-18 15:54:05

I’ve taken inspiration from the 5:2 and am doing the 16:8.

Instead of fasting for two days a week, it is only eating in an 8 hour window of the day. It works perfectly for me as I am rarely hungry for breakfast anyway. I have been steadily losing and have found my appetite massively reduced for lunch and dinner. I’m definately adopting this as a lifestyle rather than a diet.

SukiTheDog Wed 14-Feb-18 17:06:01


Motherof that’s the crap. It. SW for me meant I had to eat very differently from people at work and people I lived with. It was doomed to failure, a bit like giving up smoking when everyone in the house smokes. Also, getting up before God on an early shift to make breakfast and lunch and something not sinnable for afternoon breaks (did 12 hr shifts). It was just unsustainable. I’m trying to eat what I’d usually eat but much smaller amounts of it?

DH bought a bottle of champagne and chocolates for later....damn!

SukiTheDog Wed 14-Feb-18 17:06:53

Sorry, not sure what happened with autocorrect there!

Oly5 Wed 14-Feb-18 17:12:21

I’m the same height and trying to get to 10st 10lb.. anything with a 10 in is a bonus for me. I’m having success with SW but I take your point about ensuring the weight doesn’t pile back on once you switch back to eating more “normally”!

Oly5 Wed 14-Feb-18 17:13:22

Ps I’m not eating muller lights or anything like that ... just all the home cooked meals which are delicious! Snacking on fruit

Sostenueto Wed 14-Feb-18 17:15:22

Average size and weight for a woman in Britain is 5' 5" tall weighing 11 stone size 5 shoes and size 16 dress size.
If you are yoyoing with your weight its because every person has a natural weight which is unique to each person as you get older your body will try to get to that weight suitable for it. At most op you only need to lose 7 lb . my natural weight about 12 stone and no more than 13. I have been 9 stone and ended up in hospital with acute pancreatitis. I tried dieting for years and it made me do I'll and I ended up bigger each time. I font duet anymore, weigh 12 stone, size 16-18 depending on cut and have never been do healthy. Blood pressure normal, cholestral very low, heart rate a healthy athletic ,60 beats a minute, oxygen 99% so I font need to diet. My body is fit and well, I don't need to be ultra thin to be healthy. I walk every day and really that's not bad for a pensioner!

WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 14-Feb-18 17:25:48

TOTALLY empathise. Getting married again and giving up smoking have seen my weight match up to THIRTEEN STONE SIX FFS. A few years ago I was 10stone. I'm 5' 7". I weigh the same as my husband, who is 6' 2".

I just joined a local free 12-week healthy eating club as I'm soooo depressed with looking like I do. Like you, I wear the same 2/3 outfits. Nothing I used to wear fits me. NOTHING.

Sostenueto Wed 14-Feb-18 17:49:04

Isn't 13 stone underweight for a 6' 2" male?

EllJ Wed 14-Feb-18 18:08:56

I think the main problem with a lot of slimming world/ weight watcher type plans is that to succeed you have to rely on their membership i.e. you're taught all about syns and points but have little idea of calorie or macro contents of food, so when it comes to going it alone it is difficult to understand what we should actually be eating.
I have tried weightwatchers and slimming world with great success, but like a lot of PP I have found that the weight creeps back on again. Instead, I signed up to a programme which teaches me about calories, and the balance of protein carbs and fat. I've maintained a good weight for several years and I'm finally happy. I can work out what I need to eat if I fancy losing a few pounds and can balance with the junk food type snacks.

SukiTheDog Wed 14-Feb-18 23:32:23

Oly5 😁. Me too! If I could get to 10-something (and stay there) I’d be so pleased. I thought about doing some Couch25K again. But, at 55 and 56 looming, I suddenly feel tired and want to curl up with a book and a cuppa. I walk the dog for an hour and a half every day but that’s all.

SukiTheDog Wed 14-Feb-18 23:38:56

And I swear....I will NEVER touch a MullerLight Yoghurt again. In my life. Ever.

Sostenueto, I agree. I think my body was just happy at 10st 4 but, I wanted to be 9st-something and then, a lifetime of dieting ensued. My body just kind of said “no!” Before I knew it, I was back at 10 4lbs. Now, 10 4lbs is but a dream....

Melfish Wed 14-Feb-18 23:51:51

SukiTheDog I know exactly where you're coming from! I was 11st 7 and got down to 9st8 over a year through MFP and couch 25k. However I slacked off both (got complacent I guess) and I'm approaching 11st again. I do eat too much and I don't feel like exercising at the moment- the weather and creaky knees- but I don't want to undo all my past work. The less exhausting option is MFP so I have started using it again. I know I can do it, but it's motivating myself to do it that's hard.

Sostenueto Thu 15-Feb-18 01:58:53

Trouble is as you age and approach the menopause your body changes yet again. It seems weight does creep up at this stage.
I wish my weight was caused through overeating but it is not. My doctor says I don't eat enough! I don't eat breakfast, never have, I would throw up if I ate before 11 am. So my body can go 18 hours before I eat anything. Subsequently anything I eat is stored as fat as I just do not eat regularly.
And, my body doesn't know when its going to get another meal. I only ever eat when I'm hungry and as I'm not that active as I was I don't ever feel that hungry.
Yesterday all I ate was poached egg on toast and a tuna sandwich. My biggest downfall us sugar in my tea though I only have one teaspoon. I dont eat chocolate or sweets. If I go out for a meal I hardly finish it. My bloodtests can sometimes say I'm undernourished even at my weight. When I was in hospital on a drip having saline and glucose as nourishment and no food or water by mouth for a month I never lost an ounce!
And finally. People forget the biggest factor in weight and that's genes. Unfortunate if you inherit that gene!

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