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Half my body weight!!!

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snowglobe67 Tue 17-Oct-17 20:25:09

Hi! Has anybody lost, and kept off a really substantial amount of weight. I've always struggled with my weight but since having ds my weight has completely spiralled out of control to the point where I have almost half my body weight to lose.... I hate myself and could cry!!
But dieting would be a more practical response so I'm 2 weeks in using my fitness pal and working out each night with weights and a Pilates band.
Any other advice for getting and staying on track? I really need to succeed this time.shock

2zooornot2zoo Sat 28-Oct-17 12:31:18

Hi snow!

I haven't lost and managed to keep off weight - but I did lose a substantial amount and kept it off until I got pregnant.

I'm now jumping back on the wagon and have a goal to lose 4st1lb by this time next year.

I use MyFitnessPal too and had great success with it last time. This time I've made a plan, breaking the weight loss down into sections and actually planning to put on a few pounds here and there (e.g. Over Christmas). As I move through the year I've planned for the weight loss to slow down. I've also started not by calorie counting, but by setting three goals;

- swap my meals and snacks for healthier alternatives
- do 10,000 steps every day (I have a Fitbit)
- do three sessions of exercise weekly, building up to hour long sessions

When the weight loss slows or gets a bit harder, then I plan to re-introduce calorie counting.

I've also researched the type of exercise I need to do for my body type, and this time I feel more in control as I understand the process of slimming and then toning a little bit more.

For me, it's all about seeing the results but also not getting bored or disheartened. I've started a few times since having the baby and I see amazing results for the first couple of weeks and then we have an engagement or something and everything goes downhill from there. I need to stop seeing one meal out as a wasted week and start seeing it for what it is - 1/21 of a whole week of meals - definitely not an excuse to start binging and not exercising!

I'd love to have some support on mumsnet if you're still doing it!

What are your goals/plans?

popcornpaws Fri 09-Mar-18 23:36:15

Yes, i lost 8 and a half stone, decided one day to give myself a year of eating 1400 cals everyday (apart from hols and christmas) to see where i would be in a years time.
It took me a year and 5 month to get to reach my “goal” although i never actually planned a goal weight, just kept going until i was satisfied.

Meal plan every single day, no excuses and dont eat a single thing off your plan.
Take one day off for an occassion (bday, xmas ) but dont go mad for a week afterwards! Straight back on it the next day.

Im a bit more lax now but still meal plan and if i do put some weight on i nip it in the bud! No way am i going to go back to how i used to be!

BlondeB83 Sun 13-May-18 22:29:24

Up your cardio exercise to at least 5 hours a week. Running/jogging/walking is best in my experience.

Socrates73 Mon 14-May-18 06:27:18

Thanks for the input and taking time to post, I must admit though I did have a giggle at the last one.... I really, really don't have a spare five hours a week to up my cardio, do other people??
I have got a Fitbit and am trying to squeeze in as much incidental exercise as I can. Not sure it amounts to five hours though.

BlondeB83 Tue 15-May-18 07:20:27

Sorry I made you giggle but in my experience, with that much weight to lose, the best way is to try and do as much cardio as possible while dieting. Exercise is fine but if you’re not building up a sweat/increasing your heart rate for a substantial amount of time then it doesn’t do much to burn fat.

BlondeB83 Tue 15-May-18 07:24:44

Anything is better than nothing though and diet it the most important thing. Just don’t cheat with my fitness pay, don’t eat back your exercise calories and stick to between 1200-1400 a day.

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