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Half my body weight!!!

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snowglobe67 Tue 17-Oct-17 20:25:09

Hi! Has anybody lost, and kept off a really substantial amount of weight. I've always struggled with my weight but since having ds my weight has completely spiralled out of control to the point where I have almost half my body weight to lose.... I hate myself and could cry!!
But dieting would be a more practical response so I'm 2 weeks in using my fitness pal and working out each night with weights and a Pilates band.
Any other advice for getting and staying on track? I really need to succeed this time.shock

2zooornot2zoo Sat 28-Oct-17 12:31:18

Hi snow!

I haven't lost and managed to keep off weight - but I did lose a substantial amount and kept it off until I got pregnant.

I'm now jumping back on the wagon and have a goal to lose 4st1lb by this time next year.

I use MyFitnessPal too and had great success with it last time. This time I've made a plan, breaking the weight loss down into sections and actually planning to put on a few pounds here and there (e.g. Over Christmas). As I move through the year I've planned for the weight loss to slow down. I've also started not by calorie counting, but by setting three goals;

- swap my meals and snacks for healthier alternatives
- do 10,000 steps every day (I have a Fitbit)
- do three sessions of exercise weekly, building up to hour long sessions

When the weight loss slows or gets a bit harder, then I plan to re-introduce calorie counting.

I've also researched the type of exercise I need to do for my body type, and this time I feel more in control as I understand the process of slimming and then toning a little bit more.

For me, it's all about seeing the results but also not getting bored or disheartened. I've started a few times since having the baby and I see amazing results for the first couple of weeks and then we have an engagement or something and everything goes downhill from there. I need to stop seeing one meal out as a wasted week and start seeing it for what it is - 1/21 of a whole week of meals - definitely not an excuse to start binging and not exercising!

I'd love to have some support on mumsnet if you're still doing it!

What are your goals/plans?

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