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What's the best device for tracking calories burnt?

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llmb Wed 11-Oct-17 20:14:25

Is it a Fitbit? Iv seen people on Facebook (yawn) and it shows calories burnt etc. What is the best device that will do this for me please ?

llmb Thu 12-Oct-17 06:34:25


kmc1111 Fri 13-Oct-17 04:54:14

If you're looking for something that tracks your calories burnt 24/7, then a Fitbit with a heart rate function is ideal. It's not perfectly accurate, but it gives you a good idea.

If you're mostly looking to track calories burnt via workouts, then a fitness watch with heart rate monitor that wraps around your chest is more accurate.

llmb Fri 13-Oct-17 09:34:43

Thank you. Any particular Fitbit or just one that tracks heart rate? Are they easy to use?

kaykay72 Sun 05-Nov-17 14:08:54

Ive got a charge 2. Can’t wear it for swimming but wear it the rest of the time. I bought a leather strap (about £10 from amazon) as I found the plastic one that came with it to be uncomfortable.

It tracks heart rate, steps etc, and auto recognises some other exercises such as elliptical cross trainer things. The phone app is very good. You can manually add in exercise that isn’t recognised. It tells you your calories used, and you can track what you eat - you can set weight loss aims and it tells you if you’re in the zone for calories. It can be set to remind you up love each hour - it vibrates at ten to the hour if you haven’t done 250 steps. You can also link with other Fitbit users and join in with step challenges which are good for motivation.

I like the geeky graphs it produces - it’s good to see progress. It’s focus is not only on weight loss, it looks at cardiac health and sleep quality etc

kaykay72 Sun 05-Nov-17 14:09:54

To move each hour - autocorrect lol

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