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5st to loose.

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iwishiwasrichandthin Mon 26-Jun-17 05:51:35

Hiya all. I have just started using mfp and calorie counting to try and regain control of my weight/eating.
I'm also trying hypnotherapy too to try and control myself a little better.
I am totally and completely addicted to food, any food.
Anyone else trying to loose a massive amount?

iwishiwasrichandthin Mon 26-Jun-17 05:54:34

Also doing the 30 day shred along side the calorie counting.

MirabelleTree Mon 26-Jun-17 06:21:52

I've got 7 to lose, maybe a bit more and have done 4.5 so far. Best advice I can give you is keep plugging away at it and don't let any days that don't go to plan undo what you have done. However much you eat keep logging it , Christmas Day was 3200 calories but I did a long walk and burned off nearly 3000 and the remaining 200 was dealt with the next day so went in to lose 1.5lb that week.

Personally I find my Fitbit really helps. Don't under estimate how much walking can help, when you have the figure of how much you are burning then you can eat to a deficit. I do mine on a weekly basis to allow flexibility. If I want to lose 2lb I do 7k deficit, 5250k for 1.5lb and 3500 for a pound. Weight loss isn't linear but over time I have lost pretty much spot on what I should have.

Keep protein levels up as they help you feel full. If you eat sugary things try to do it with a meal as it will keep your blood sugar levels more stable. I use Nutracheck which gives portion sizes for foods and find this helps.

The virtual gastric band hypnosis says 'food is wasted whether you eat it or not ' which made an impact on me at the concept of eating more food than I need being waste food in my body. Also I know to maintain my loss I will probably need to log food for the rest of my life. I accept this and see it like DH having to calculate carbs for his insulin which he has had to do since childhood. Good luck with it, it's easier after the first few weeks.

iwishiwasrichandthin Mon 26-Jun-17 07:18:37

Wow 4.5 st loss that's amazing well done. Has it taken you long?

Thanks for the advice and pretty determined now x

MirabelleTree Mon 26-Jun-17 10:25:27

I'm on week 33 weigh in at the end of this week and total to date is 4 stone 9lbs. I needed to lose weight for an op which really focused me . The added bonus was that I bounced back from surgery really quickly.

MirabelleTree Tue 27-Jun-17 18:08:05

How have the last opulent of days gone ?

MirabelleTree Tue 27-Jun-17 18:22:20

That was supposed to be 'last couple of days'

iwishiwasrichandthin Fri 30-Jun-17 06:44:39

Hi mirabelle sorry for late reply. I had a sneaky early weigh in this morning and I've dropped 8lb!

Now I realise this won't be every week but am so pleased it's a bloody good start!

MirabelleTree Fri 30-Jun-17 07:18:59

That's a brilliant start, well done smile 11.4% of the way there !

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