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Need low calorie recipes

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Dowhatmakesyouhappy1212 Wed 24-May-17 18:08:27

Hi there 👋
Just wanted to start a thread full of low calorie tea time meals
My husband always complains he is hungry so I try to make teas with protein in every meal.

Also if I make curry & rice I will give him a naan bread and not me


If we have Sunday dinner I give him more meat and potatoes etc

Does anyone have any good recipes or tips to get me started again? Sick of being a chunky monkey haha

Also what do you do for "light" exercise I was thinking going for a walk every day for 30-60mins?

Thanks everyone 😀

TheOriginalChatelaine Fri 30-Jun-17 07:46:31

I would say eat the proteins you enjoy but cut down the carbs. Instead of rice, pasta, potatoes I eat a lot more vegetables with the stew, curry whatever. Particularly cauliflower, hot or cold. Brocoli, asparagus is still good, it's been a great season for asparagus. Mushrooms. Chickpeas and kidney beans etc are good to have in the cupboard. Use a smaller plate to regain portion control. If you haven't done any calorie counting then try one of the free apps for a while just so you become aware of what a portion looks like. Cut out sugar and alcohol and you will lose weight.

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