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need help!!

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user1490981241 Wed 12-Apr-17 21:53:32

New to calorie counting as ive usually been fit and healthy before ds but now he is in his terrible twos its been so much easier eating quickly and convenient so ive gained a belly and an extra 20lbs cakeblush. Ive done some breif looking on google but everywhere seems to have different numbers for the calories in food so im slightly confused.

I dont need the science or anything just a basic understanding of what is the correct way and if anyone has any good reference websites with the correct numbers etc?

If that makes sense haha, thanks!

StealthPolarBear Wed 12-Apr-17 21:54:57

Ime it doesn't need to be hugely accurate. Just the act of doing it means you eat less. A hundred calories or so 'out' won't matter.

LemonBreeland Wed 12-Apr-17 21:55:13

MyFitnessPal appp is great for calorie counting. It has almost every food listed.

NonnyBunny Sun 16-Apr-17 09:10:58

I also rely on my fitness pal as they have calories for almost anything you can think of- all you need is to weigh your food to get a reasonable estimate. And as others have said, it doesn't have to be 100% accurate, just close enough! I have lost lots of weight calorie counting using this app in the past. Good luck!

delilahbucket Sun 16-Apr-17 11:03:33

Another vote for my fitness Pal. I have successfully lost and maintained that loss after using the app. It taught me what I should be eating in order to maintain.

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