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I'm ready - I'm going to do it!!

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abundantlyclear Fri 17-Feb-17 19:35:00

I have 2 stone to lose for my holiday at the end of July. I have been heavier and lighter than I am now but at over 12 stone again I feel ready. Treadmill is out, fitbit will be charged, healthy recipes are out...

Is anyone else out there ready to start with me on Sunday? I have a few things on tomorrow and food order is coming Sunday so that seems the best day to begin the first week...
Im allowing myself 1200a day with a target of 10,000 steps minimum. Phew. This is going to be tough but I can't avoid it forever.

WhisperedLoudest Sat 18-Feb-17 13:25:44

I started mid Jan and I'm 8lb down. Got a stone and a half to go.

I'm also trying to do 1200 so since misery loves company I'm in grin

abundantlyclear Sat 18-Feb-17 17:09:13

Hello whispered - welcome and bloody well done for being over a quarter of the way there!
What sort meals have you been having of you don't mind me asking?

WhisperedLoudest Sat 18-Feb-17 17:31:54

Mid week I never have breakfast although on weekends I might have poached egg and bacon or ham.

Lunch tends to be sushi, chicken or prawn salad or soup.

Dinner is salmon or steak and salad; bolognese or chilli without the pasta/rice.

I snack on boiled egg, prawns or chicken pieces and berries.

I tend to eat dinner out 3-4 times a week (mostly unavoidable for work) so the days I'm at home I try and stick to 800-900 calories and avoid carbs so I'm having about 2400 every two days.

It's hard going but I'm determined - I barely recognise myself in mirrors/photos

abundantlyclear Sat 18-Feb-17 20:19:43

Your eating habits are very similar to mine when im being careful. I do not have breakfast on weekdays, have coffee, apple at break, soup for lunch and the same evening meals with a few weight watchers meals thrown in for ease!

WhisperedLoudest Sun 19-Feb-17 17:51:15

abundantly have you started today?

I'm away for 6 days so it's going to be a struggle...

abundantlyclear Sun 19-Feb-17 20:30:40

It wasn't my best day but im back to work tomorrow, healthy food only in the house etc I will weigh on Sunday morning and see how it's gone. I'm not failing this time. I have to get into it without excuses.

Six days will be tough. Just make the best food choices you can and don't be too hard on yourself. This is a marathon, not a sprint wink

peachpearplum01 Sun 19-Feb-17 20:56:49

Yes please can I join you?
I want to lose a stone by august (kind of arbitrary deadline but it's when my baby is 18 mths so no longer a baby at all!). Am doing 1300 cals on myfitness pal and want to run once / twice a week (but struggling to fit it in).
I might need to start tomorrow - haven't been too
Bad today but will be over calorie

DeadZed Sun 19-Feb-17 21:04:48

Can I join too? I think calorie counting is what works for me and I use mfp to keep track. I aim for 1600 calories a day with an hours dog walking. ( I have around 4 stone to lose.)

My first goal is to lose one stone by Easter as it is my fortieth at the end of April.

Unhairymaclary Sun 19-Feb-17 21:05:05

Please may I join you? I have lost only 8lbs since September and need to up my game. I am currently 11st 4lbs and would like to get back down to 9st 7lbs. I exercise twice a week but feel like I could do more. I also need to sort out my eating habits and try to cut out snacking. Would be nice to have some online support.

abundantlyclear Sun 19-Feb-17 21:13:09

Oh of course - you are all welcome! Now we have a 'group' we cannot fail!
Sounds like you all have marvellous plans and you are all on the right track. Well done fat fighters flowersstarhalo

WhisperedLoudest Mon 20-Feb-17 00:22:10

Great to have team on board

Accountability and encouragement smile

DeadZed Wed 22-Feb-17 22:27:36

How are we all getting on? I have had a bit of an off day. We ended up at Frankie & Benny's for lunch blush
But apart from that I have been sticking to it. I have also been shredding every morning too so I am taking today as a little hiccups and staying focused.

peachpearplum01 Wed 22-Feb-17 22:57:09

Well done Deadzed, an off day is fine! Sounds like you've had a good week otherwise..

I've stuck to around 1500 calories the last three days which is more than my target but I am quite happy with as had to eat birthday cake yesterday (not mine) and today friend persuaded me to have fish & chip shop chips!

abundantlyclear Thu 23-Feb-17 05:50:25

Well done! The little hiccups are what we need to be able to take in our stride and recover from quickly - sounds like everyone is still focused. Im also sticking to less food overall and im by March I'll be doing the British Heart Foundation's NO Chocolate March. I'm not sure I'll even survive thatshock

minifingerz Thu 23-Feb-17 17:58:18

I'd also like to join. smile

I started last week. I have 3 stone to lose.

I really have no idea why I have let myself become so careless about my weight because now I'm eating in a sensible way - i.e. not eating 3000 extra calories a week in the form of biscuits, crisps, cream, cake, heavily buttered buns, it honestly isn't all that tough.

I'm doing 1500 calories a day, all logged on mfp. No breakfast, just coffee made with vanilla soya milk, no bread or pasta. Lots of veg, some fruit, a decent amount of protein.

I intend to log every mouthful for a year to get into the habit of not eating calories I don't need in a careless way.

WhisperedLoudest Fri 24-Feb-17 22:14:26

I've had an off five days. Been on holiday and whilst the food intake was tolerable the excessive drinking whilst catching up with friends took me waaay over.

Looks like a 2lb gain but hoping today + super strict weekend can see me through to at least a neutral position.

RufusTheSpartacusReindeer Fri 24-Feb-17 22:19:38

I would like to join

I am starting on monday

As i have already bought tea for tomorrow and i am out sunday night

You know that thing that clicks in midway through January and you realise you need to make some serious changes and lose weight?

Well its not clicking in blush

I have set MFP up and i am ready to go...ish

abundantlyclear Sat 25-Feb-17 07:34:51

Hello everyone - so glad you are joining us. Ive had a staggered start really. I've stopped the binge eating so have lost a couple of pounds. I'm going to up the ante with each passing week - and doing the British heart foundation De-Chox for march which will ensure a great loss for a choc addict like me.

RufusTheSpartacusReindeer Sat 25-Feb-17 09:23:08

Ooh that sounds good

Will have a little google

minifingerz Sat 25-Feb-17 13:34:41

I had a wobble yesterday - 10 hours of driving (there and back) for a work event that went on all day. However, I stuck to my promise to log EVERYTHING and it kept my calorie intake from going stratospheric. I ended up eating just over 2500 calories, but that's nothing to what I would have consumed on a 'bad' day prior to starting this. The worst thing I ate yesterday was 6 hot wings from KFC and 3 biscuits. Pretty much everything else was sensible - fruit, cottage cheese, sushi. I definitely made better choices than I normally would, even though I was tired and a long way from home.

WhisperedLoudest Sat 25-Feb-17 16:13:10

mini if you eat 2500 I find it's pretty recoverable over a week so probably no harm done.

abundantlyclear Sun 26-Feb-17 13:04:31

I've had a terrible weekend. I hurt my back very badly and have been living off of junk due to pain, nausea and generally feeling shit about myself. However, im beginning to feel better so am aiming to get back to it and get new medication from gp tomorrow. Everyone sounds like they're doing fantastically!!

WhisperedLoudest Sun 26-Feb-17 14:16:20

My weekend has been a bit dodgy thabks to half a bottle of wine last night. I went for a run today but in the wind I was jogging to stay still shock

Back on it tomorrow with a vengeance - I'd like to be weighing 9 stone - something by the end of the week and only have two dinners out for the week so should be doable..

peachpearplum01 Thu 02-Mar-17 13:06:03

How is everyone doing ? I weighed myself on Tuesday and have lost 2lb which I'm really pleases with. It's th same 2lb I keep losing and putting on but still, hopefully this time it will be continuing on a downward trajectory! Also planning to give up chocolate - for lent I think - as def my major weakness. Well, that and wine....

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