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Being fit and healthy

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4fitpersonaltraining Fri 13-Jan-17 17:11:16

I have read so much on from frustrated ladies who are struggling with weightloss/ healthy eating/exercise. All for various reasons. There is not magic pill, diet or wand that will give you overnight results. It isn't about the fad diets, starvation or skipping meals. It comes down to the basics-eat healthy, prep your foods, set realistic goals and don't be so hard on yourself. Celebrity mums have teams of suppprt around them. Just be focused, it's a healthy life style change NOT a quick fix, where 6 months down the line your back to sq. 1. Diets DO NOT work, but making small healthy changes on a weekly basis, increasing exercise paired with a healthy attitude is what will get you the results you need. If your struggling with motivation then a personal trainer is great. Why not do it with a friend, that way on days you feel like throwing the towel in you will have someone to talk to and support you. Come on ladies you deserve to be the best version of yourself xxxx

TheOriginalChatelaine Mon 03-Apr-17 21:48:12

Good post, it's my philosophy too. In addition it's about properly caring for myself and giving myself the best chance of avoiding future health problems, heart and the strain on joints.

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