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Looking for ideas for low calorie/healthy breakfasts, snacks and desserts

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Destinysdaughter Mon 09-Jan-17 21:11:32

So start of the new year and am trying to lose a few pounds ( aren't we all?)

Although I eat fairly healthily with main meals, I'm a bit stuck with the above, does anyone have any good ideas?

Blu99 Tue 10-Jan-17 12:43:53

Scrambled egg on wholemeal toast
Breakfast drink(s)
Banana and yoghurt
Any cereal with low sugars
Smoothie recipe with more veg than fruit to keep the sugar intake down

Snacks - I don't really have snacks just bigger meals but here are some ideas
healthy popcorn
Handful of nuts
Protein bars -Quest bars are good

Dessert - I wouldn't always eat dessert sometimes I just have a cup of tea or drink some water to fill me up

Low sugar sorbet or fat free frozen yoghurt
2 or3 biscuits and a cuppa
A small bar of chocolate as a treat if I've been strict
Or anything below 200 kcal with low fat and carbs

I don't drink any alcohol during the week. When I do I drink a slimline Vodka, soda and lime. If you drink wine be careful because it's so calorific.

I stick to a 5 2 diet. I always have a breakfast drink and water in the morning. On my 2 days off, I eat some of the things I've missed and then get straight back to eating healthy.

Hope this helps

Toffeelatteplease Tue 10-Jan-17 12:52:30

I couldn't have stuck to a diet without snacks.

My dessert and snacks list:
No added sugar Jelly pots (4cal)
Ben and Jerry's son of a witch ice cream (75 cal for one, 150 for 2)
Popcorn (about 50 cal for one bag from tescos multipack)
Fridge raiders chicken (45cal)
2-3 Tesco s chicken straws (about 38 cal each)
Tesco chocolate chip cake bar (somewhere between 100 and 150 I forget)

Zarachristmas Mon 16-Jan-17 17:05:18

Breakfast, porridge with banana, scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast, boiled/poached egg, omelette, fruit and Greek yoghurt, smoked salmon with eggs, bagel and cream cheese, crumpets and cottage cheese, sardines on toast, marmite on toast, peanut butter on toast.

Snacks, nuts, yoghurt, fruit, boiled egg, crackers, cherry tomatoes, celery/carrot and hummus/cream cheese, cereal bar (watch the sugar), marmite on toast.

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