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If you are using MFP and eating 1200 cals a day, what are you eating?

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Plifner Sun 08-Jan-17 09:47:31

Me yesterday: slice wholemeal toast and marmite, no butter. Skyr yogurt. 230 cals

Big lunch: homemade beef stew, broccoli, peas, bag Asda quinoa and couscous (surprisingly calorific at 310 a serving!) estimated at 790 cals, not sure if that right!

Small skinny latte 70 cals

Toasted hot cross bun supper 160

Total 1250!

A carby day as not at work!!

Haven't eaten yet today and just contemplating what to have.

SorrelSoup Sun 08-Jan-17 09:51:20

I input my 3 meals for the day. Normally there's enough left for a 100 calorie snack. Porridge for brekkie; cheese salad sandwich for lunch; for dinner stir fry, curries, something with potatoes and veg, chilli and rice etc etc.

SorrelSoup Sun 08-Jan-17 10:24:50

Just to add that I don't count fresh vegetables or eat my exercise points. This approach works for me.

NiceCuppaTeaAndASitDown Sun 08-Jan-17 10:29:22

Yesterday I had 1139 calories

Breakfast was a venti skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks for 180 cals

Lunch was 307 cals
A slice of homemade bread (toasted, no butter) with one egg and a rollmop herring

Dinner was 609 calories of chicken, carrots and broccoli.

I also had a kinder choco bonbon (33cals) and a halls soother (8cals). The couple of extra calories were herbal tea

Middleoftheroad Sun 08-Jan-17 10:34:44

I'm finding it tough and so eat 1200 daily then 1500 weekend. I'm veggie and a carb junkie. I try to eat 250 for breakfast and lunch, 50 or so for milk in drinks, 250 lunch 400 dinner, 100 dessert, 150- 200 snack before bed. every meal is carb laden but i can only diet that way.

Porridge instant pot and berries

bagel and low fat philadelphia

carrot sticks and hummus

large jacket potato and ratatouille

snack (crackers etc)

moomoogalicious Sun 08-Jan-17 10:37:59

Yesterday was a right off although I only went up to 1600 cals

So friday I had:
Muesli 280
Soup and caramel wafer 310
1 egg omelette and salad 150
2 beers 276
Hot choc made with water 123

Middleoftheroad Sun 08-Jan-17 10:38:37

I don't count veg or exercise points. This approach worked for me for years at weight watchers so fingers crossed.

Top tip: Bird's Eye potato waffles 106 cals each are a great alternative to chips. I pop mine in the toaster!

tasmaniandevilchaser Sun 08-Jan-17 10:42:28

I love potato waffles in the toaster as well! Tescos are 88 calories I think.

Breakfast - slice granary bread plus scraping of peanut butter
Lunch - homemade veg soup with potato waffle
Snack - plain yoghurt with berries
Dinner - salmon with veg inc courgetti
I try to drink no calories

Plifner Sun 08-Jan-17 11:29:02

Thanks! Like the potato waffle idea!

I don't count veg or exercise (I have a horse but don't ride very often, but am on feet lugging stuff around every day). Sedentary job.

Not drinking this month. If I can stick to 1200 cals at least during the week I should lose weight. I want to lose 18lb.

UntilTheCowsComeHome Mon 09-Jan-17 14:56:52

I don't eat breakfast just have a cup of tea.

Dinner is a tesco chicken breast, I like the Peri Peri and Cajun ones. I have it with some new potatoes and green beans.

Then for tea I have the other chicken breast in a wrap with a bit of mayonnaise and some peppers and cucumber.

Then I have enough cals left over for a couple of biscuits with a cuppa in the evening.

Middleoftheroad Mon 09-Jan-17 17:42:28

Will try 88 cal waffles instead.

Struggling today

Breakfast - porridge pot 200 cal
lunch - bagel, half tbsp philadelphia - 260 cal
apple small - 40 cal
Dinner (already scoffed!) 350g baked sweet potato with veg 320 cal
Milk - 50cal
330 cal left. will spend these on a flute of Prosecco (circa 80 cal) and a 250 cal snack

I've done 8000 steps but won't count that

I also like Holland and Barrats new roasted chickpea snack for 88 cal a bag. Bombay mux one is nice.

How's everybody else doing on a wet Mon?

Plifner Mon 09-Jan-17 18:13:21

Hard today too. I had a paoched egg on toast no butter for breakfast. Was starving at work so bought a small bag trail mix. Had a sainsburys My goodness ready meal for lunch 260cal. Cracked at about 4 and had a slice of toast with a tiny bit of jam. Tea will be mashed sweet potatoes with sausages and veg, the sausages are tiny so I'll have one. Haven't put it all in MFP yet.

Middleoftheroad Mon 09-Jan-17 22:49:20

It does feel tough. Just totted up to 1250.... but not counted my walk today. Hopefully we will find Tues easier! Going to weigh myself at end of week.

Plifner Mon 09-Jan-17 22:58:58

Tomorrow is going to be tough as I now have a cold sad just want lots of hot drinks and piles of comforting buttered toast

Plifner Tue 10-Jan-17 10:12:36

I was a bit naughty and weighed myself this morning. I've lost 1.5lbs since last Thursday. Hopefully that will have gone down to 2lb loss by this Thursday which would be great. If so, its the same amount I was losing doing the 5:2 diet which I found really hard and unsustainable. I'm finding this much better and it avoids the binge and bust mentality which I developed on the 5:2.

Anyway, today for breakfast I had 2 oatcakes with 10g of whole earth peanut butter plus some slices of banana, which comes in at around 195 cals. Very yummy and I still feel full now, although I have a bad cold sad so that doesn't help (or does help depending on how you look at it!). Planning 2 eggs with some leftover chicken and stir fried veg for lunch - stir fry any veg you like with a bit of olive oil, chuck in the chopped chicken and two eggs with a dash of soy sauce, stir around the pan until the eggs are cooked and hey presto. Sometimes I have a big spoonful of brown rice with this, its one of my favourite lunches and very quick, takes about 5 mins.

Burgerandchips Tue 10-Jan-17 19:55:51

I really struggle to stick to 1200. I feel hungry from 3pm-6pm so need a snack and then after dinner I need a pick me up.

TheUpsideDown Wed 11-Jan-17 23:58:46

B - 1 cup coffee, skimmed milk, 1 sweetener
L - 3 slices roast pork loin with steamed veg (carrots, cauli, broc) and 2 roast potatoes, 1 glass water
D - homemade lean beef meatballs in tom sauce with pasta, 1 glass slimline Indian tonic water
S - 1 bag Passions Deli S&V pea snacks, 1 bag Foodie Market chili rice snacks 1 bag, 1 cup redbush tea with 1 sweetener

B - 1 cup coffee, skimmed milk, 1 sweetener
L - tinned tuna in spring water with a little squirt light mayo on salad (lettuce, rocket, cucumber, black olives, cherry toms, onion), 1 glass Indian tonic water
D - 2 portions grilled salmon with a lemon & herb marinade sauce, green beans, baby sweetcorn, sun dried tom & garlic cpous CPUs, 1 glass slimline Indian tonic water
S - 1 bag Foodie Market flatbread then bites sweet chilli flavour, Foodie Market 1 bag sea salt rice snacks, 1 glass slimline Indian tonic water

B - 1 cup coffee, skimmed milk, 1 sweetener
L - homemade Stilton & broccoli soup with 1 bag Foodie Market multi seed flatbread thin bites, 1 glass slimline Indian tonic water
D - 2 cod, minted pea & parsley sauce fishcakes with salad (lettuce, rocket, cherry toms, olives, onion, jalapeños, gherkin with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar), 1 glass slimline Indian tonic water
S - 1 small Costa latte 1 sweetener, 1 cup redbush tea 1 sweetener, 1 bag walkers baked, 1 bag Hippeas chickpea puffs

Tomorrow I plan on...
B - 1 cup coffee, skimmed milk, 1 sweetener
L - Chicken & veg soup
D - pork loin with a Jamie Oliver pesto courgetti spaghetti
S - ?

This is combined with moderate exercise - 30-45 min swim / moderate speed brisk walk / gym

I don't eat breakfast, which is naughty and I don't recommend it, I'm just personally not able to stomach anything more than a coffee until lunchtime. And I need to drink more water - I just rarely feel thirst enough to remind me.

HermioneJeanGranger Wed 18-Jan-17 12:31:06

Normally I have:

B - toast with peanut butter, a banana with greek yoghurt, tea with milk.
L - soup with oatcakes or crackers, plus an apple.
D - Tuna pasta, or couscous with mediterranean vegetables, salad, or something like grillied fish/chicken with vegetables and new potatoes/mash/jacket potatoes.

I drink tea/coffee with milk (no sugar) all day. Snacks are things like popchips, veggie sticks, popcorn, a few squares of chocolate or occasionally something like a hot chocolate or a cookie.

I average 1,200 a day, and I exercise, but if I "get" more calories from exercising, I don't eat more, I try and stick to my allowance. I've lost 6 pounds in two weeks smile

TobleroneBoo Wed 18-Jan-17 12:42:42

Thanks for the potato waffle tip!

Currently having:
Oats with coconut milk and a tiny bit of peanut butter 160 cals

Today's lunch is homemade soup and one slice of bread but my app has crashed and can't remember the cals of that

Dinner tonight is pork stir fry

WhisperingLoudly Sat 04-Feb-17 19:12:39

I rarely eat breakfast and have a very low carb lunch (soup, smoked salmon & cream cheese rolls; cooked chicken and salad)

Then I have dinner, usually:
steak and salad
Omelette & salad
Bolognese (no pasta)
Courgetti with pesto and Parmesan
Thai curry
Thai pork in lettuce wraps

I snack on boiled egg, king prawns, baked mini cocktail sausages (115kcal per 5)

As snack I have the Ella's kitchen smoothies (baby food blush )

I'm losing slowly. I eat out a lot for work so have to be very strict on days when I have complete control.

FreeNiki Sat 11-Feb-17 01:16:57

Im not taking MFP seriously anymore.

A PT at my gym said it leads to obsessional behaviour, scanning and recording everything you eat and also that 1200 calories is not enough and not sustainable long term. He said any weight loss from such restricted calories will be regained as soon as this is stopped.

This conversation came about after I felt light headed in a circuits class having only consumed about 600 calories so far that day and trying to do high impact exercise before dinner. I went home and stuffed my face I was so hungry. If it is going to lead to binges because Im so hungry combining it with exercise then it wont work.

My PT said 3 times a week write down everything you eat that day and how you feel after. I may try it.

WhisperedLoudest Fri 17-Feb-17 13:45:44

I skip breakfast
Lunch = small sushi box or soup or chicken salad or ham filled with cream cheese
Dinner = steak or fish or roast chicken & salad

Snacks = berries, raisens, mini sausages

I don't have a massive amount of variety there are a few things which I swap around but I'm generally better if I don't give myself the choice

LittleMachine Sun 19-Feb-17 16:35:01

I get 1270 a day. For breakfast I have either porridge (ready break) with a fruit chopped in or a mullet light with an oatcake crumbled in.
For lunch I have soup and a piece of fruit.
If I need a snack I have fruit, almonds or 2 crackers with a extra light laughing cow.
I usually find I have enough cals for any dinner, but have generally been having stir fry, casseroles, fish and brown rice etc. I use the actifry so I can have chips and roast potatoes, but usually sub them with sweet potato.
I have a treat on a Wednesday and Sunday. Either bread or chocolate usually.
I have also gone from zero exercise to gym twice a week and high intensity Zumba twice a week, so I usually earn some calories back.
It's very different to how I was eating (basically whatever I wanted) and took some getting used to, but I'm not usually hungry.

Veterinari Mon 20-Feb-17 06:58:18

middle I'm a vegetarian too but finding protein and fat in my meals have really helped break my carb addiction - things like veggie chilli, veg shepherds pie, and using lots of salad/cauliflower rice/quinoa/lentils as typical carb substitutes has really helped. I try and build my meals around a protein source (tofu, tempeh, eggs or quorn) then add lots of veggies - it's really helped me from a nutrition-point of view as well as a weight loss one.

For carbs I try and use sweet potatoes, potato waffles (as above), beans, and then with chilli a few nachos or a taco shell. This shift has really helped - I've lost 5 kg in 10 weeks at about 1400-1600 Cals/day

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