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Sacking off slimming world and starting cc from today. 1500 calories.

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TheWorldIsMine Mon 21-Nov-16 09:28:25

5ft10in. Currently weight 10st 11lbs. Goal weight is 10st.

Is 1500 calories a day low enough to lose around 1lb a week?

YesILikeItToo Mon 21-Nov-16 09:49:39

Quite possibly, but I'm no expert. Just cheering you on - I think cc is a wholly underrated method of weight loss, good luck!

Out2pasture Tue 22-Nov-16 04:01:15

Are you male or female, menopausal?, and how active are you during the day?

Autumnchill Tue 22-Nov-16 04:56:04

Ive done exactly the same. Download an app called FatSecrets. You put in your details and it will calculate your calories. Mine are 1700.

Takes a bit of getting use to but it's nice being able to eat things you couldn't before plus for me it limits my portion sizes!

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