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Mfp tips please

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wonderwoo Sun 30-Oct-16 16:11:31

I have used Mfp a couple of times now, but I only lasts a week before I give up. I find it time consuming and difficult to add the food.

Breakfast is easy because it's the same three meals each time. It's lunch that is the main problem: I eat a lot of salads, which I chuck together with varying ingredients each time. I find it really hard to weigh each thing, work out what proportion I actually ate, and then add it all to mfp, ingredient at a time. It's made harder because my dc have allergies and so we all eat different meals, and it feels complicated. I don't want to stop eating these salads because they are really healthy and make me feel better than a sandwich.

Does anyone else have this problem? How can I make it easier?

I have tried writing down, how much of each ingredient I used, to save as a favourite meal for next time, but I have quite a few different salads I eat and it's all a big faff. I like mfp, and find it easy enough for breakfast, dinner and snacks. I just need to work out this problem.

Can anyone advise? Thanks.

ImBrian Sun 30-Oct-16 16:17:47

I've added my own recipies in so I can just choose the one I'm using. I found the first couple of weeks were a pain in the arse but then it got much easier.

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