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New start tomorrow

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Mawddwy Sat 29-Oct-16 23:13:08

I'm starting Slim and Save tomorrow as I'm now 12 stone 5 and the weight I lost three years ago has creeped back on. I need to loose at least two stones (I'm only 5'3") but I'll be very happy if I loose a stone before Christmas. I have three children so I'll have to cook as normal but I'm going to aim to have four items most days and a low carb / low calorie meal for evenings on some days.

I'm starting this thread because I want to keep on track. Anyway, if you have any tips, or if you're starting anything similar you're welcome to join me!

Mawddwy Sun 30-Oct-16 14:43:09

Today is going well so far. I had a shake for breakfast and a "cottage pie' meal for lunch and resisted the crisps DS was eating. I've made some jelly for a treat later on. Off to a friends house now - I hope there won't be cake!! I'm planning on eating a bar on the way there so that I'm full.

OldKingThistle Tue 01-Nov-16 10:43:07

Hi Mawd, I hope things are still going well for you so far!

I've just started using MyFitnessPal (again) yesterday. I've got about a stone to lose to be at my perfect, feeling fabulous weight. Since DC2 was born 3 years ago I seem to lose it and then 6 months later put it back on again so my weight is fluctuating all the time. My goal is to lose it before Christmas and maintain a decent weight for 2017 rather than yoyo'ing all year!

I have also just started doing the 30 day shred today, I've don't it before and it's hard work but really works. You can watch it for free on YouTube if you fancy giving it a go with me!

SavageBeauty73 Tue 15-Nov-16 09:47:20

I've just downloaded my fitness app. I need to lose 1.5/2 stone. I lost weight ages with Weightwatchers but it hasn't worked for me this time. I just plan on watching calories and exercising more so I don't feel I'm failing on a diet.

threemoregoals Sun 20-Nov-16 22:44:30

Can I join? I'm just shy of 10 stone and I feel great at 8 and a half. Would be delighted if I can do 9 by Christmas.
Essentially I've been losing 3 or 4 pounds every week but then putting it on again at the weekend. I think low carbing is making me hungry, then as soon as I'm in a slightly relaxed position (especially if I have drink) I just eat everything in sight.
Going to try being a bit more balanced, adding in a few more carbs to see if I can be s bit more balanced. I'm using mfp and I exercise in a sporadic and unimpressive way.

user1473494811 Fri 25-Nov-16 23:16:18

Hello, I have been starting again all week but cant get going. now i have seen your post so o you mind if i keep in touch please for support. I am 5 foot and 11 stone 9 pounds. I am not very fond of myself at the moment because of weight.x

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