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Getting over the plateu

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sandylion Tue 13-Sep-16 22:09:32

Hey! I'm a slow loser of weight, I've been on slimming world since October and lost 2 stone and just ended up in a rut of up and down and maintaining within a few pounds. After putting on 5lbs during my holiday I managed to shift 7lb in 30 days using MFP but last week I put 2.5lb on. I decided to try MFP to get over this situation. I'm being religious about logging but last week we did go out for a meal but I even logged that and I was still at my allowance for the day. I just really need some tips on getting over this plateau. It's not like I'm thin I'm hovering at 14 stones ffs! Thanks in advance for any advice.

sandylion Tue 13-Sep-16 22:10:12

Sorry I realise I can't spell plateau in my title..

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