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MFP and breastfeeding

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fionnthedog Mon 05-Sep-16 13:55:51

I have a 4mo and am still breastfeeding exclusively. I am also trying to get back to my pre-preg weight of 9.5stone as I am a bridesmaid in a couple of months and really want to look my best in my dress if I can.

As I'm bf I lost a good amount of my baby weight quickly but stopped loosing easily at a stone over my pre-preg weight. I've been using MFP over the last few weeks to help me to regulate my calorie intake and am now down another half stone and currently weigh around 10 stone but have plateaued again.

Obviously I do not want to do anything to compromise my milk supply and my baby's health but I'm also wondering if adding an extra 500 cals to the MFP total is what is causing the plateau and whether I could cut that a bit to help lose the last 7lb or so.

What are people's thoughts? As I said I really won't put my weight loss ahead of my baby's health but if I can safely lose a bit more in the next two months that'd be great.


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