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I have put on 1.5 lbs this week doing everything right

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LaurieFairyCake Thu 21-Jul-16 12:00:21

So weird grin

4 days of 10k steps a day, 15 minutes weight lifting programme, 20 minutes stationary bike

And eating within my calorie allowance on mfp.

My stomach looks like a giant, wobbly water melon of water retention!

Please tell me it will go down once my body recovers from the shock of getting used to exercise ?!?

CarrieLouise25 Thu 21-Jul-16 12:08:07

Keeping up with that level of exercise and counting calories on mfp you'll definitely lose weight.

Drinking more water will combat water retention. You'll retain more water before period so don't get disheartened then.

Good luck with weight loss. Am starting my new routine with mfp too!

LaurieFairyCake Thu 21-Jul-16 12:13:41

Thanks smile

I finished my period before I started, I've no idea where this belly has come from - it's insane!

I couldn't drink any more water, I feel like a camel (which according to dh actually have fat in their humps and not water confused)

I feel stronger already but I'm having to take maximum dose of ibuprofen for my hips/back to cope with the pain - I'm wondering if ibuprofen causes water retention?

CarrieLouise25 Thu 21-Jul-16 12:24:41

I think it might. Also think body finds it harder to get rid of water in very hot weather. Think upping protein should help with fluid retention and bananas apparently help too.

Am breastfeeding at the moment. Supposed to be burning tonnes of calories. Yeah, right! I swear I'm keeping all my fat stores. Perhaps I'm a camel! grin

Thefitfatty Thu 21-Jul-16 12:27:27

Is this a new exercise regime? If so, your body is holding onto the water to repair your muscles. It will get used to it and eventually stop doing it as much.

LaurieFairyCake Thu 21-Jul-16 12:35:32

Yes, totally new exercise regime for the school holidays. Really need to build some strength as I'm struggling with my knees on the stairs (probably referred pain from my dodgy hips)

I can barely make it up the stairs without panting or stopping for a rest on the first floor hmm

Thefitfatty Thu 21-Jul-16 12:36:42

Read this:

But, it's most likely bloat from newly strained muscles. Just be patient.

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