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Best on the go low calorie snacks?

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Exploretheunexplored23 Tue 28-Jun-16 22:13:35

Hello everyone! Im weighing in at 14 stone, 5"7. I have been trying to shift some weight on and off since March. I am quite diciplined when I have time to be organised about food but find if I am on the go and havent had time to prepare any food then I made bad food choices.

Can I have your best pre- prepared low calorie snacks please?!

VioletBam Wed 29-Jun-16 00:44:39

I am a similar height to you and also struggle with my weight. I'm 12 stone but don't have the build to wear it well. I'm naturally flat chested and pretty
"boy figured" so it sits awkwardly on me.

I find it's best not to snack at all. I've lost a stone in the past 6 months by ensuring I eat breakfast...which I make sure is filling....eggs, scrambled with no toast and a bit of ham is good. Or a big bowl of porrige with frozen blueberries...

I then eat lunch at 12 which is always tuna and salad....a lot of leaf and a small can of tuna. I have a banana mid afternoon and in the evening I have something like baked potato with a bit of cheese or ham and another LOT of salad. It's working. If I get hungry or really crave something sweet or salty I have some mixed nuts, or another banana or plain yogurt with honey.

At weekends I have a roast dinner and let myself have a small bag of crisps and a small bar of chocolate or some icecream.

Toffeelatteplease Fri 01-Jul-16 03:54:05

On-the-go I snack on popcorn mostly. I've found tescos everyday value ready salted crisps pretty good as well. If it fits within the calories banana bread cake (but this is closer to two hundred so usually a gym day) and peperami. I snack on ice cream at home, most supermarkets do own brand mini magnums (130kcal) and Ben an Jerry's does an cookie dough ice cream sandwich that are 1 for 75 kcal or 2 for 150 kcal both of which are gorgeous.

Love snacking

teaandcake789 Mon 25-Jul-16 22:14:43

Olives! I like green olives best. Only about 2 calories per olive and full of healthy fats and have completely taken away my crisp cravings.

twirlywoo69 Fri 26-Aug-16 22:14:09


VeganEmoGirl Wed 31-Aug-16 15:18:14

I love Propercorn pop corn and Nakd bars for low cal healthy treats.
Tend to reach for fruit as a snack first and then these after if still not satisfied. I'm 5ft6 and have gone from 15st7 to 10st (size 20-10/12.

Keep at it!

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