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Breastfeeding cals

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EternalSunshine820 Fri 04-Dec-15 20:29:57

Wondering if anyone has come across accurate advice for breastfeeding calories when the baby/child is older. I BF once a day, my DD is nearly 2, it's always been part of our bedtime routine and something that's never been dropped (although I'm considering stopping at age 2, I've been baby-led and DD not me chose to drop all the other feeds)

Obviously it's only 1 feed per day, but a 2 year old (I assume) can drink a fair amount. We probably BF for about 20 minutes and she seems to be guzzling the whole time.

Any suggestions/advice (about the cals, not whether I should BF my 2 year old, just to be clear) would be appreciated. I have about 1.5 stone to lose.

MugsLife Thu 04-Feb-16 20:19:23

I bf until almost 3 and like you it was only 1 feed a day for a long time. I think it's very difficult to get an accurate idea of how many calories it burns as it depends on so many factors. I would say just try and carefully adjust your calorie intake until you are losing up to 2lb a month, or not too crazy ravenous, and stick with that so you don't go to low but can still lose.

redskirt3 Tue 29-Mar-16 06:03:13

I'm wondering the same. I have a 2year old on approx 3 feeds per day.

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